For the first time in the history of Saudi Arabia, a surprising Saudi decision allows unmarried women to do these things


A senior official in the Saudi Red Sea Project (Red Sea Destination) made a statement stating that Saudi Arabia will not impose any restrictions on women.

Loredana Pettinati, director of the tourism marketing sector at the Red Sea Development Company, stated during an event in the UAE that the abaya will not be imposed on women throughout Saudi Arabia, and women will be allowed to drive.

She added that no discrimination will be made between men and women in accessing any facility anywhere. She explained, “There will be no problem staying in hotels if one is not married. We will not ask a man and a woman if they are married or not, and women will be able to wear whatever they want at the Red Sea destination.”

According to the site, Red Sea plans for 2023 and beyond were discussed during the event in Dubai by Red Sea International (RSG). The first three hotels in the Red Sea are expected to open next May.

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