Saudi Arabia takes an urgent decision regarding the fight against smoking in the Kingdom


Badael aims to develop and manufacture innovative tobacco-free products, with the aim of reducing the prevalence of smoking and offering less harmful alternatives. The company seeks to improve the health of smokers and enhance their quality of life, in line with the Kingdom’s Vision 2030.

Developing and manufacturing tobacco-free alternatives

Badael develops and manufactures new and innovative products that serve as alternatives to tobacco. These products aim to offer smokers healthier options and reduce the harms caused by traditional smoking. The company works to raise awareness of the dangers of smoking and encourage individuals to choose healthy and less harmful alternatives.

Improving the quality of life and achieving the strategic goals of the Kingdom 2030

Badael is committed to reducing the negative impact of smoking on the local community. The company seeks to contribute to nearly one million people in the Kingdom quit smoking by 2032, which is equivalent to about 25% of the total number of smokers in the Kingdom. The company’s efforts are expected to save more than 6 billion riyals annually in healthcare costs by 2032.

Achieving the strategy of the Public Fund for Investments

Badael aims to achieve the Public Investment Fund’s strategy related to Emiratisation. The company works to support the manufacture of products locally, the provision of raw materials and the transfer of knowledge, in addition to the development of intellectual property. Through this, the company will contribute to creating new economic opportunities, increasing job opportunities, and strengthening cooperation with the local private sector and international partners.

Expanding global reach and presence

Badael intends to provide tobacco-free products across the Kingdom by the end of 2023. In the long term, the company aims to expand its reach to regional and global markets. The company will manufacture its products locally according to the highest standards of quality and safety, and using international best practices. This will allow the company to achieve its goals and provide high quality products to the local and international markets.

Badael’s contribution to achieving the Kingdom’s vision

Badael’s vision reflects its commitment to reducing the prevalence of smoking and achieving the goals of the General Fund for Investments strategy. It supports the Kingdom’s efforts to diversify the economy, localize industrialization, and promote economic transformation, in addition to creating new job opportunities. Since 2017, the Public Investment Fund has established 77 local companies, and contributed to the creation of more than half a million direct and indirect job opportunities.

“Badael” company represents an important strategic project in the field of reducing the spread of smoking and providing smokers with healthier and less harmful alternatives. By developing and manufacturing high-quality local products, the company will contribute to achieving the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 and improving the quality of life for the local community. The company will also provide economic opportunities and new jobs, and enhance international cooperation and its presence in global markets, which will enhance economic development and sustainability in the Kingdom.

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