The adventure of a Saudi citizen with an anaconda snake turns into a horrific nightmare. Watch now


Saudi tweeters circulated the story of a Saudi citizen who died after being bitten by a poisonous snake that he tried to catch, but it surprised him with a quick bite, and he died hours later, despite attempts to save him by doctors.

The story of the Saudi citizen was embodied in one of the mountains of the Fifa region, east of the Jazan region, in southern Saudi Arabia, where the citizen tried to tamper with a terrifying anaconda snake, but he did not realize the danger lurking in it.

Shocking experience: a Saudi citizen challenges a terrifying anaconda and discovers his shocking end!

The citizen was fatally bitten by a poisonous snake in the leg, and despite attempts to rescue him and take him to the hospital, the poison quickly spread in his body and took his life after only a few hours.

The spread of snakes in the Fifa Mountains has become a noticeable phenomenon in recent years, as large numbers of snakes and snakes of different sizes and types appear. This spread is attributed to the moderate weather and dense vegetation in the region, especially in the rainy season.

In an exciting development, a citizen in FIFA was attacked by a cobra snake in his house. Upon returning home, the citizen was surprised by the presence of a cobra inside one of the rooms, as the snake tried to infiltrate the house. The citizen took quick action to get rid of the snake and protect his family.

Moments of fear and excitement: A Saudi citizen risks his life with a giant anaconda!

The citizen talked about the increase in such incidents in the area and his fear of the frequent appearance of snakes and snakes. Although huge snakes were rare in Fifa, they have become a common phenomenon at the present time.

Not only that, another Saudi family in FIFA was attacked by snakes. The case of the attack on the house took two full weeks, as the snakes were a threat to the family, but they managed to eliminate the snakes and restore peace and safety.

The spread of snakes in the Fifa Mountains calls for educating the population and taking the necessary precautions. People must be aware of the types of snakes in the area and how to act in case they encounter them.

Among the important things that must be followed to prevent snakebites are:

  • Avoid approaching or handling snakes.
  • Wear appropriate clothing when in mountainous areas.
  • Cleaning homes and surroundings from insects and reptiles.
  • Stay away from places that could be home to snakes such as tall grass and wooden stacks.

The concerned authorities must also intensify their efforts to address the spread of snakes and educate the population about their danger. The necessary guidance and information must be provided to the community to enhance awareness of the best ways to act when confronting snakes.

It is also necessary for there to be cooperation and solidarity among the population to eliminate snakes and snakes in the area. Specialized teams can be formed to deal with and remove snakes safely and effectively.

In short, the residents of the Fifa Mountains must be vigilant and take the necessary precautions to preserve their safety and the safety of their families. The danger of snakes and snakes must not be tolerated and the necessary instructions must be followed to avoid confrontation with them.

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