A harsh decision that shocks Saudi girls.. Polygamy has become compulsory, and whoever violates it will receive that punishment!


The law of number in marriage, because the urgent need to review legislation and change the current situation, as the issue of polygamy in Saudi society raises a lot of controversy and discussions.

The founder of a site for reconciling spouses in the Kingdom, Mr. Yusef Al-Qait, has raised a call for the issuance of a law that would punish a man who is capable of polygamy and has the financial and physical ability, but he refrains from doing so.

This lawsuit comes within the framework of seeking to serve the public interest and enhance the stability of society, but it also raises a debate about women’s rights and equality with men. In this article, we will look at different opinions on this topic and discuss the urgent need to review existing legislation and change the status quo.

Diversity and the public interest:

Youssef Al-Quait confirms that the public interest requires a man to have multiple wives if he has the financial and physical ability to do so. It is considered that the man who is capable of polygamy and abstains from it is wasted energy. If we assume that 25% of men have reasons that prevent them from polygamy, what about the remaining 75% who are able? Al-Quait believes that this ability should be exploited to stabilize society and provide marriage opportunities for needy women.

Challenges of pluralism and necessary conditions:

It is clear that there are qualities and conditions that may prevent a man from having multiple wives, such as financial and physical ability, and personality weaknesses. However, Al-Quait believes that the man who is capable and uncountable wastes his abilities when he is limited to the sanctity of the house and his family, while he can open the four doors of the houses. Although some women object to this idea, he has four women.

Polygamy and women:

Youssef Al-Qait believes that women need marriage more than men, especially in the winter. According to him, men tend to marry women in a ratio of 5 to 1. He believes that women need to marry in order to get the protection, care and stability that marriage provides.

Updating legislation and changing the status quo:

Based on the conflicting opinions and controversy surrounding the issue of polygamy, there appears to be an urgent need to review existing legislation and introduce changes that guarantee women’s rights and promote gender equality. Strict controls and conditions for polygamy must be provided to both men and women. The focus must be on enhancing family stability and achieving the public interest in ways that preserve the rights of all and reward them fairly.

There is no doubt that the issue of polygamy in Saudi society raises a lot of controversy and contradictions in opinions. This issue must take into account social and cultural trends and achieve a balance between the rights of men and women. This requires updating legislation and introducing changes that reflect social developments and promote gender equality. A woman should have the freedom to make her personal decisions and make the appropriate choices for her, regardless of her decision to have plural marriage or not.

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