A great shock, a young Saudi man was checking on his nurse sister in the hospital, and he discovered a shocking surprise that made him collapse


A shocking discovery and a shocking and surprising truth revealed by a Saudi young man’s visit to his sister, the nurse. The Saudi young man was surprised when he decided to visit his nurse sister in a hospital in Riyadh, to discover shocking things related to her and reveal suspicious behavior that she had secretly performed. Details of the horrific story were published on their YouTube channel “Asrarhom”.

The shocking discovery: the details of the Saudi youth’s visit to his nurse sister

This horrific story tells of a young Saudi man who decided to visit his nurse sister in a hospital in Riyadh, but he did not expect to discover shocking things about her and her suspicious behavior. The story began when the young man decided to visit his sister, but he was surprised by his confused mother visiting him at his apartment late at night. The young man got worried and took his mother to a separate room to listen to her.

Details of a suspicious incident were reported

The young man’s mother started talking to him about the strange behavior of his sister, Manal, the nurse at the hospital. She tells him that she’s noticed that she doesn’t want to go to work lately and always comes back scared as if she’s being stalked. The young man decided to find out the truth himself and asked his mother to remain calm and not tell his sister anything so that he could reveal the truth.

The next day, the young man decided to take a leave of absence from his work and go to the hospital, where his sister, Manal, works as a nurse. He arrived at the hospital and entered the nursing ward to see her female colleagues. He asked one of the nurses about his sister and told her that he was her brother. Her colleague was called “Amal”, she greeted him and they talked. He asked her about Manal and how she heard about her. At first, Amal was aloof, but in the end she talked about everything, and I wish she hadn’t!

The nurse told him that his sister was secretly married. She told him that she had a doctor who loved her and she loved him, and that they were secretly married and that no one knew about it. She advised him to forget her and not go near her. The young man says: “I was shocked and felt that my blood froze in my veins from the magnitude of the shock.” He told her that he would take a walk and come back to her again. She replied, “Where are you going? Take my number.” He took her number and walked in shock, heading home. When he arrived, he noticed a car parked in front of the house. When he saw me, he left immediately.

When I saw the car stopped and saw Manal standing in the window, I closed it at that time I realized something big was going on. Maybe she was in the house and now she’s out. The young man says: “I stood up and no one could bear it.” I entered the house and found my mother opened the door. I asked her where were you a while ago? She said, “I was in the yard.” I told her, “Why wasn’t the door opened?” She said: “What is happening? Nobody opened it.” I said: “Where is Manal?” “Manal is sleeping and now she has woken up to eat breakfast,” she said. “Well, I’m going crazy,” says the young man.

The young man returns to the hospital to see the man who is secretly marrying his sister. “Amal asked about the doctor she married,” the young man says. “His name is Adnan, and he is not available now on vacation,” she said. Amal felt confused and uneasy. The young man says, “By coincidence, I found a classmate of mine from school days working there.” I walked with him and asked him about Adnan. He said: “Yes, he is there and you will find him in Clinic No. 7.” I thanked him and went to the clinic and entered to meet the doctor. The shock was even greater. I found this person called Adnan, a very old man, who may be over eighty years old. I spoke to him in a state of astonishment, I said: “Doctor, are you married?” The doctor said in surprise and immediately let me out.

I went back to Amal and told her: “I was with Dr. Adnan now.” There, her features changed and she admitted her big mistake. She admitted that she liked me and started thinking about me, and she wanted to get engaged to Manal, but she tarnished her reputation because of that. The young man said: “I felt the earth spin, and if I went, I would commit a crime and kill my sister because of this animal.”

I told her: “If I find out I forgive you, tell the truth. I am her brother to Manal.” She said that I complimented her and that there is no one like her and that she is one of the kindest people. The young man returned to his sister to find out the truth from her. He says: “I went to my sister and entered and grabbed her, saying: Here, my sister, I am your support, and no one can touch her hair from you. I told her: What is the reason for your current situation that does not reassure me? Sadness began to appear on her face and she told me everything.

Her confession was very shocking. She said she was chased when she left the house and when she came back, the same car followed her. The young man said: “I gave her a gift and told her to go back to work, and she took my two brothers and we walked after her, and then the car came and chased her.” He said: “We killed her, and I went down to open the car, and there was a girl in it!! Girl, can you follow her?” She said she was crying and asking him to let her walk. The important thing is that the police called and tried to arrest her, but the investigations were vague and she did not confess anything.

The mother admitted that her daughter was at Manal’s hospital for an examination for obesity and whether it was normal or not. She said: “Your sister, Manal, was calling for my daughter, but I did not hear her, and suddenly she said to the nurses: ‘Look at me, where did that teddy bear go’.” And here her fiancé heard and broke off their engagement, and this girl fell into a psychological state, and it was caused by your sister. The young man said, “Her yard and we let her walk.” And he advises anyone that if he is going to speak something, speak only what is good, because the word may kill another person.

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