Saudi Arabia announces the ban on entry of the people of this country to the Kingdom and the deportation of all those present on this date!!


A decision was issued by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to localize some professions in 2023.

In a related context, the following is a list of some professions permitted for foreigners in the Kingdom:

Responsible for labor affairs and workers.
Complaints and communications specialist.
Director of Human Resources.
Hotel receptionist.
Responsible for personnel management and affairs.
Private security guard.
Director of government social relations.
time writer.
Responsible for clothing stores.
This is a tentative list and the permitted professions may vary according to directives and updates issued by the concerned government agencies. Individuals interested in working in the Kingdom should consult current official regulations and government directives to find out which occupations are permitted for foreigners in the current year.

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