To escape spinsterhood.. The Kingdom allows the marriage of its daughters of this nationality, on very easy terms, for the first time in Saudi Arabia


We all know that the bond that brings together a Saudi woman with a foreign citizen was difficult to obtain in the past, but with the developments of life and the change of regulations and laws, this marriage has become possible.

There are reasons behind this change, the most important of which is the fear of what is called “spinsterhood”, and at other times the matter is due to the desire of the woman herself to marry a foreign man, if she sees him as the right husband for her. In this topic, we will show you the conditions for a Saudi woman to marry a foreign man outside the Kingdom.

1. General conditions for a Saudi woman to marry a foreign man

The government of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia encourages marriage between Saudis and foreigners, and the government requires that a woman marry a Gulf man or a foreigner outside the Kingdom.

2. The necessary conditions for a Saudi woman to marry a foreign man

a. Suitable age:

  • Saudi women must be between 25 to 50 years of age when applying for a husband to a foreigner.
  • The age difference between the two parties should not exceed 15 years.

B. Legal action:

  • The applicant’s guardian submits a request to the governor of the region to which he belongs.
  • The marriage applicant must not be engaged to another Saudi woman.
  • The age of the applicant should not be less than 25 years and the age of the woman should not be less than 21 years.
  • The applicant must not be related or related to a person residing in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  • Those wishing to marry must have completed their studies.
  • The applicant for marriage must have a fixed job, and his income should not be less than 3000 riyals per month or its equivalent in the state currency.

3. Conditions for a Saudi woman to marry a Gulf citizen or a foreigner outside the Kingdom

A Saudi woman can marry a Gulf citizen (i.e. a citizen of the Gulf Cooperation Council countries), but there are conditions that must be met, including:

  • Passports of the marital relationship.
  • The bride must be at least twenty-five years old, but may be older if the groom was not born in the kingdom.
  • The age difference between the applicants should not be more than fifteen years.
  • He must bring a marriage contract proving that he is free of diseases and that he is fit for marriage.
  • The wife must obtain a no-objection certificate from the marriage, and the request to add to it is during the embassy review.
  • The wife must obtain a certificate showing her marital status and whether she was previously married, single or divorced.
  • It is stipulated that the fiancé has not married or divorced a Saudi woman before, and he signs and fingerprints an acknowledgment that he has not married a Saudi woman before.
  • Two Saudi witnesses must be present, in addition to a copy of his identity card and a Saudi signature.

The reason for the desire of Saudi women to marry foreigners

According to the psychological and family consultant, Dr. Zahra Al-Moabi, she is not surprised by the desire of some Saudi women to marry foreigners. She points out that Egyptians top the list of Saudi women’s preferences in this regard. Al-Moabi encourages the marriage of Saudi women to foreigners, especially in light of the new legal developments that deal with Saudi children in the same way they treat citizens, and grant mothers custody that guarantees that their children remain with them in the event of separation. Al-Moabi attributes the desire of Saudi women to marry foreigners to several reasons, including the feeling of greater comfort with a foreigner compared to a Saudi husband. The foreigner enjoys greater flexibility in his dealings and understanding of the culture of the Saudi wife, and women also see that they have greater opportunities to achieve happiness and stability with foreigners. In addition, relations between Saudi Arabia and foreign countries are developing and strengthening, which enhances opportunities for marriage between Saudi women and foreigners.

Ultimately, marriage between a Saudi woman and a foreign national became possible thanks to legal and social developments in Saudi Arabia. There are specific conditions for legal marriage with a foreign national, and they are regulated by the relevant government agencies. Despite the challenges and fears associated with this type of marriage, there are reasons that drive Saudi women to embrace it, such as the desire for happiness, stability and cultural compatibility with their life partner. Those wishing to marry a Saudi woman and a foreign citizen must abide by the legal conditions and procedures required to obtain the approval of the concerned authorities and complete the marriage process legally and legitimately.

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