Saudi security stormed the apartment of expatriates in Jeddah.. Upon inspection, the surprise occurred and it was a shock


A raid and arrest of drug dealers in Jeddah, and a serious attempt to combat the phenomenon of addiction, as a video clip documenting the moments of the raid and arrest of 3 drug dealers in Jeddah, western Saudi Arabia, sparked great reactions on social media platforms in the Kingdom.

In a related context, the Saudis suffer from the problem of drug smuggling, especially Captagon pills. Therefore, this operation was of great importance in demonstrating the commitment of the Saudi authorities in combating this dangerous phenomenon.

The raid and arrest of drug dealers in Jeddah: impressive moments

A video clip was circulated on the “Snap of the Interior” account on Twitter, showing the moment of the arrest of 3 persons of Pakistani nationality in Jeddah Governorate, as they were promoting the narcotic methamphetamine known as “Shabu”, and the seized quantity amounted to 7 kilograms.

Attempt to promote 7 kilograms of shabu: anti-drug operation succeeds

In the video, members of the General Directorate for Narcotics Control of the Saudi Ministry of Interior are shown wielding automatic weapons before storming an apartment. Individuals wore black masks to protect their identity and prevent it from being revealed.

Arresting drug dealers: The operation reveals El Shabu’s hideout

After arresting the suspects, the security forces found a large quantity of drugs inside a black suitcase. The necessary legal measures were taken against the accused and they were transferred to the Public Prosecution Office to complete the investigations and bring them to justice.

The need to combat the phenomenon of drug trafficking: a heavy blow to shady dealers

It should be noted that a few days ago, a Saudi security man was killed during a raid on a drug den in Jeddah. It was confirmed that the high-ranking officer, Muhammad bin Abdul Latif Al-Ajlan, was killed by gunshot wounds while trying to apprehend drug dealers coming from an African country.

Intensify Efforts in Combating Drugs: A Strong Saudi Commitment Is Getting Results

The implementation of such raids and arrests comes within the framework of the ongoing efforts to combat the phenomenon of drug smuggling in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. These efforts confirm the commitment of the Saudi authorities to protect society and eradicate this dangerous scourge that threatens the health and safety of youth and society as a whole.

The raids and arrests of drug dealers in Jeddah are an important step towards combating the phenomenon of drug smuggling and limiting its spread. We must all stand with the Saudi authorities in their efforts to eradicate this dangerous phenomenon and protect the Kingdom’s youth. Further intensifying the implementation of security measures and monitoring can contribute to curbing drug traffickers and reducing their negative impact on society.

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