Deadline 30 Shawwal .. Saudi Arabia officially announces the deportation of all expatriates working in these professions (List of professions)


The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia includes many people of different nationalities who work in companies and public institutions with the aim of achieving social equality among all citizens of the country and providing job opportunities for all.

The Saudi Ministry of Human Resources issued a decision to localize some professions in 2023, and to find out what professions foreigners are allowed to practice in the Kingdom in 2023, this article was issued.

The professions that will be localized by 2023 include: interpreter, labor affairs officer, complaints and communications specialist, human resources manager, hotel receptionist, employee management and affairs officer, and cashier.

Interest in birth rights in Saudi Arabia increased after the implementation of the new Saudi nationality system, which allows people to apply for Saudi nationality. The category of newborns was among the main categories that were included in the Emiratisation process, and it includes the following professions: private security guard, director of government social relations, appointment clerk, copyist, women’s clothing store official, customs employee.

The following are some of the professions that foreigners are allowed to practice in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in 2023, which were announced by the Saudi government agencies: Secretary in the medical field, sales manager, pharmacy profession, account manager or clerk, purchasing representative, general accountant, executive secretary, Occupation Salesman, Warehouse Supervisor and Guard, Engineer Driver.

Some of the jobs and professions available to foreigners in the Asir region have been identified, and they include: non-governmental organizations, all post offices, work in travel and tourism offices, insurance company offices, work in commercial centers and markets, private education for girls of all age groups, and post office.

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