Good news that made all expatriates happy.. You can renew this visa for free and for a limited period!!


The service of issuing a final exit visa for workers in the probationary period through the Absher business platform is an important initiative that facilitates the process of issuing a final visa for expatriate workers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

This service provides a set of important advantages, such as the possibility of issuing the final visa during the trial period, and the possibility of issuing it electronically, which facilitates the process of administrative procedures for employers and saves time and effort.

It should be noted that this service is free of charge, and after its implementation, it is not possible to cancel the visa or issue a resident ID, which makes the service reliable and guaranteed.

This initiative comes as part of Saudi Arabia’s efforts to improve government services, simplify administrative procedures, and promote digital transformation in the country.

This initiative reflects Saudi Arabia’s commitment to providing distinguished and effective government services to all users, and helps to enhance trust and transparency in the relationship between the government and society.

This service can help facilitate administrative procedures, improve customer experience, and meet the needs of individuals working in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It also facilitates employers to manage their operations efficiently and effectively, and helps achieve sustainability and economic development in the country.

This initiative is expected to achieve great success in facilitating administrative procedures, improving the quality of government services in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and enhancing the spirit of cooperation and partnership between the government, society and the private sector.

The launch of this service is a good example of the use of modern technologies to simplify administrative procedures, improve government services, and enhance the use of digital transformation in achieving sustainable development in the country.

It is worth noting that relying on electronic services and modern technologies to facilitate administrative procedures is one of the basics of smart governance and smart government, and helps to provide effective and fast government services to all users.

The interest in improving government services and facilitating administrative procedures comes within the framework of efforts aimed at achieving comprehensive development and improving the quality of life in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, by providing an attractive and conducive work environment for business and investment, and enhancing competitiveness and innovation in vital sectors.

This service is an example of the growing importance of adopting artificial intelligence techniques and modern technology in improving government services and facilitating administrative procedures in many countries, which helps achieve sustainable development and improve the quality of life for societies.

We hope that these initiatives will continue in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and other countries, and that they will constantly evolve and improve to achieve the goals of sustainable development and meet the needs of societies and individuals.

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