A shocking surprise in Saudi Arabia… Canceling the most difficult condition for obtaining a commercial registry in the Kingdom! (details)


The Ministry of Commerce in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia explains the conditions and steps for obtaining a commercial register from the Ministry without a store, with the aim of providing opportunities and combating unemployment among citizens.

Many are wondering about the possibility of opening a commercial registry for women or a registry in the name of the wife, and in the following article we will provide you with details on how to obtain a commercial registry without having a place, in addition to the necessary conditions, procedures and fees for that.

  1. The wife must be at least 18 years old.
  2. The wife must not be an employee in a government agency.
  3. The procedures require payment of a Chamber of Commerce fee.
  4. The fees required to open a commercial registry must be paid.
  5. The capital of the commercial project must not be less than 5 thousand riyals.
  6. An account must be created for the wife through the “Absher” platform.

Steps to obtain a commercial registration without a store online:

  1. Visit the Ministry of Commerce and Investment website.
  2. Log in to the user account on the “Absher” platform, or register through the national single sign-on platform.
  3. Enter your username and password, then the verification code.
  4. Click on “My Commercial Records” and then click on “Issue a Commercial Registration” icon.
  5. Select the type of trade name, whether it is a reserved name, an existing name, or a personal name.
  6. Enter the required trade name data and choose the type of company.
  7. Enter the e-commerce data, and if no electronic services are available for the activity, click on “Next”.
  8. Enter the financial year data and commercial registration information.
  9. Enter the contact information, then click Next.
  10. Confirm the data entered and agree to the terms and conditions of the commercial registry.
  11. Click on the “Submit Request” button.
  12. Wait for the payment invoice to be received as a text message on the phone number registered in the account data.
  13. Pay the bill through one of the available payment channels.

Service fees for issuing a commercial registry without a shop determined by the Ministry of Commerce and Investment

The fee amount is as follows:

  1. 200 Saudi riyals must be paid for each year to the main store, in addition to the Chamber of Commerce fees according to the type of activity and the classification of each year.
  2. 100 Saudi riyals must be paid for each year to the sub-shop, in addition to the Chamber of Commerce fees according to the type of activity and classification of each year.

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