Video.. A Saudi doctor sends this message to all the Egyptian people.. A quick response from the Egyptians


Good evening, my Egyptian brothers. There are words in my heart. I would like to tell you that I can turn my tongue to Egyptian so that you can understand me more. This country has a great merit over me, after God. Of course, I graduated from college this year 2017. I did not live with Egyptians. Do not judge them at all. I lived in Egypt, ate in it and grew up in it. I got to know decent and genuine people in it. You are honey and great people, a country of knowledge and a country of civilization. Thank you and thank you for your love for me.

Definition of a Saudi doctor

Ahmed Abdulrahman is a young Saudi doctor working in the field of medicine in Saudi Arabia. He has extensive experience in his field and has a good reputation in the medical community.

History and experience of the physician in Egypt

Dr. Ahmed Abdel-Rahman decided to spend some time in Egypt to learn more and expand his professional horizons. He joined one of the leading Egyptian hospitals and started his medical career in the country. The Saudi doctor was not just a doctor practicing his profession, but he was seeking to communicate with the Egyptian society and learn about its culture and traditions. .

The message of love to the Egyptians

During his time in Egypt, Dr. Ahmed felt very attracted to the Egyptian people and their rich culture, so he decided to send a message of love and gratitude to the Egyptians, to express his appreciation and love for them.

Interaction and response from the Egyptians

The Egyptians received the message of love and appreciation from the Saudi doctor with joy and happiness. They interacted greatly with this message, as they shared it widely through social media and through various communication platforms. They were affected by his spontaneity and sincerity of his feelings, and saw in his message a true expression of the good spirit that the Saudi people gather. And the Egyptian.

The positive impact of the message

This positive message had a great impact on the Egyptians, as they felt proud of their culture and ancient history. It also ignited the fire of brotherhood and love between the Saudi and Egyptian peoples, and increased communication and mutual understanding between them.

Comments and experiences of the Egyptians

The Egyptians received the message with positive and encouraging comments. These comments varied between expressing love and appreciation for the Saudi doctor and confirming the strong relations between the two countries, and sharing their personal stories about their positive experiences with the Saudis.

The impact of the message on the Saudi-Egyptian relationship

It is not possible to accurately determine the impact of this message on the Saudi-Egyptian relationship in general, but it will certainly have a positive impact on enhancing communication and understanding between the two peoples, and may contribute to strengthening cultural, social and economic cooperation between the two countries.

The doctor communicated with the Egyptians

After the message was published and the Egyptians interacted with it, Dr. Ahmed made direct contact with some Egyptians who expressed their admiration and appreciation, listened to their stories and experiences, and expressed his gratitude and appreciation to them. He also shared some health advice and useful medical information for the Egyptians.

The message and purposes of communication

The message carries many purposes in communication, as it expresses love, appreciation and respect for the Egyptian people, and aims to strengthen cultural and social relations between Saudi Arabia and Egypt. It also carries a positive message about brotherhood and harmony between countries and peoples, and reflects the real human interaction between the doctor and patients.

The impact of the message on society

The impact of the message is not limited to Egyptians only, but extends to society in general, as it sheds light on universal human values ​​and urges cooperation and understanding between different peoples. This message reflects hope and positivity and promotes strong social ties.

Praising the Egyptian culture and history

Through his message, the Saudi doctor paid tribute to the ancient Egyptian culture and history, pointing out that Egypt is a country of science and civilization, and that he is proud that he lived and learned in this great country, that praise aroused pride and pride among the Egyptians and constituted an invitation to celebrate their cultural and historical heritage.

Strengthening cultural and social ties

This kind of positive communication and love between peoples has received great support to strengthen cultural and social ties between Saudi Arabia and Egypt, as it contributes to the exchange of experiences, knowledge and culture between the two countries, and enhances understanding and harmony between the two peoples and societies.

This positive story may leave an imprint on the entire Arab world. Positive communication and loving interaction is an effective force in changing public perception and encouraging positive thoughts and cooperation between peoples.

In the end, this story can be an example to follow in human communication and building bridges of understanding in the Arab world.

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