For all residents of the Kingdom.. Only one step between you and the Saudi nationality.. Get to know it


The Nationality Law was implemented in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in 1954 AD, and it is the system that governs the granting and application of Saudi nationality.

According to this law, the granting of Saudi nationality was restricted until the end of last year. Since then, the Kingdom has provided the opportunity for naturalization for talented, creative and distinguished people in various fields that benefit the Kingdom.

According to Article Ten of the Saudi Nationality Law issued by Cabinet Resolution No. 4 dated 1/25/1374 AH, Saudi nationality is granted based on the proposal of the Minister of Interior and the Prime Minister, and the Prime Minister has the right to reject a request to grant Saudi nationality to a foreigner at his discretion without the need to give reasons. The system is modified according to Article 7 of the following law:

“A person who was born inside or outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to a Saudi father or a Saudi mother and a foreign father shall be included in the Saudi nationality.”

This also includes a person who was born inside the Kingdom of unknown parents, and a foundling in the Kingdom is considered to be born in it unless the contrary is proven.

Based on the recent amendments, Saudi nationality is granted by birth in the following cases:

  • Whoever is born to a Saudi father, whether he was born in the Kingdom or abroad.
  • A person whose mother was born Saudi and whose father is of unknown nationality or has no nationality.
  • Foundlings or children of unknown parentage born in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The conditions for granting Saudi nationality to non-Saudis are determined according to the nationality system in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The basic conditions include:

  1. The person must have reached the age of majority when submitting an application for obtaining the Saudi nationality, and he must have obtained residency for a period of not less than ten consecutive years.
  2. That the person be mentally and physically healthy.
  3. The person must be of good reputation and behavior, and must not have been sentenced to imprisonment for a period exceeding six months for a moral crime.
  4. That the person is practicing a required profession in the Kingdom.
  5. An exception is made from the previous condition for a person who was born in the Kingdom to a foreign mother and a father whose nationality is unknown or who has no nationality.
  6. That the person proves the source of his income through legal means.
  7. Proficiency in speaking, reading and writing Arabic.
  8. The naturalization applicant must submit an application for a residence permit and a passport or any recognized document instead of a passport and any document related to the nationality that was previously granted, and all required supporting documents must be submitted.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, through the Nationality Law, aims to attract talented and distinguished people of various nationalities to contribute to achieving the Kingdom’s Vision 2030. The conditions for obtaining Saudi nationality for non-Saudis require meeting a number of conditions, such as continuous residence for ten years, good reputation, and proficiency in the Arabic language. Applications for granting Saudi nationality are submitted through the concerned authorities, and the required documents must be submitted to support the application.

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