The real details behind the kidnapping of a Saudi in Beirut and a demand for a ransom of one and a half million riyals


A Saudi citizen was kidnapped on the road to Beirut airport late Saturday evening, according to Lebanese media reports.

Follow-up of the incident by the Lebanese authorities

Lebanese Interior Minister Bassam Mawlawi announced that he is following up the case of the kidnapping of the Saudi citizen in Beirut in cooperation with the Information Division of the Internal Security Forces, and confirmed that they are working to follow up the case in all its details and that they are communicating with the Saudi ambassador to Lebanon for full cooperation.

Emphasizing the protection of citizens and the application of justice

The Lebanese Minister of Interior stressed that they are working with full force and determination to liberate any citizen who is harmed in Lebanon, and stressed that this incident negatively affects Lebanese-Saudi relations, and strict punishment will be applied to those responsible for this cowardly act.

Details of the kidnapping and ransom demand

According to the Saudi “news” channel, the kidnapped citizen works in Beirut for Saudi Airlines. He was kidnapped from the center of the commercial district in the Lebanese capital. The kidnappers received a message demanding a financial ransom of 400 thousand dollars (1.5 million Saudi riyals), and the information indicates that the phone message was sent From the southern suburbs of Beirut.

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