Important .. King Salman issues a decision to localize new professions in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for the year 2023


In an important step to localize professions in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the Ministry of Human Resources issued a decision to specify professions permitted for foreigners in 2023. This step aims to regulate the employment sector, provide equal job opportunities for citizens, and promote economic development in the Kingdom.

Localization of occupations and its objectives

After the issuance of the decision to localize professions in the Kingdom, the Saudi Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development made great efforts to localize and organize various professions and jobs in the country. This aims to achieve balance in the labor market and strengthen the structure of the Saudi economy.

Professions permitted for foreigners in the Kingdom for the year 2023

The professions that will be localized in 2023 include a wide range of jobs. The following are some of the professions permitted for foreigners in the Kingdom:

  1. translator
  2. Responsible for labor and workers affairs
  3. Complaints and Communications Specialist
  4. Director of Human Resources
  5. Hotel receptionist
  6. Responsible for managing personnel and affairs
  7. cashier
  8. Private security guard
  9. Director of government social relations
  10. time writer
  11. transcriber
  12. Responsible for clothing stores
  13. Secretary in the medical field
  14. sales manager
  15. pharmaceutical
  16. Account manager or clerk
  17. Purchases Representative
  18. Public Accountant
  19. Executive Secretary
  20. vendor
  21. Warehouse supervisor and guard
  22. driver
  23. Engineer

Professions not included in the localization of occupations for the year 2023

However, there are some professions that are not included in the list of occupations permitted to foreigners in the Kingdom. Among these professions:

  1. hygiene profession
  2. Loading and unloading of goods in various fields
  3. Specialists who have specialized experience in media operation

Settlement conditions and registration requirements

After defining the list of permitted occupations, the Saudi government has set some conditions that must be met for citizens wishing to register in the list of occupations available for Emiratization. These conditions include:

  1. The age of the applicants must be between 18 and 40 years.
  2. Provide all required data such as name, national identity number and phone number.
  3. Acceptance of registration for males and females.
  4. Not working in the public sector.

The time plan for implementing the localization of occupations

The Saudi Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development worked on setting a time plan to implement the Saudization of professions. This decision will be implemented in two phases, as the first phase will start on April 6, 2023, with a 35% localization rate for professions and advisory work. And in the second phase, on March 24, 2024, the percentage of nationalization of professions will rise to 40%. This decision will be applied to all establishments without exception.

Localization of professions in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is an important step towards regulating the labor market and providing job opportunities for citizens. This decision promotes economic development and improves the functional autonomy of society. The localization of occupations aims to enhance the balance between citizens and residents in the labor market and stimulate innovation and sustainable economic development in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

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