Is it possible to revoke the validity of the multiple visit visa for all categories of expatriates?


The Saudi Passports Department refers to cases where the visitor is unable to enter the Kingdom.

It answers the question of the beneficiary who was working as a private driver in the Kingdom and left it permanently, and wonders about the possibility of visiting his children who hold multiple family visit visas, noting that their visas will expire soon.

Jawazat responded through its Twitter account that it requires the presence of the host (resident in the Kingdom) on a regular basis in order to be able to host the visitor, otherwise the visitor will not be allowed to enter. As for the visitor coming on a family visit visa that lasts for a maximum period of 180 days (six months) from the date of entry of the visitor into the Kingdom, he can extend the visit before the expiration of the period specified in the visa, provided that the total stay in the Kingdom does not exceed 180 days (six months). The Jawazat allows the family visit visa to be extended electronically, as citizens and residents can extend the visit visa online without the need to visit the Passport offices.

With regard to extending the family visit, the instructions stipulate the necessity of adhering to the conditions of visas and leaving before the expiry of the visa’s validity, and a delay fine is imposed after 3 days have passed from the expiry of the visa’s validity.

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