Officially.. Saudi Arabia detonates a surprise that pleases the souls of expatriates and announces good news.. Automatic renewal of residency?


Officially, a large-caliber surprise in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is expected to satisfy the souls of expatriates and good news about the automatic renewal of residency for this nationality.

Procedures for extending the residence period for Sudanese pilgrims’ visas in the Kingdom have been implemented, under the generous directives of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques and His Highness the Crown Prince – may God preserve them – within the framework of the Kingdom’s humanitarian efforts towards the brotherly Sudanese people. The General Directorate of Passports provided the service of “hosting pilgrims to Sudan” through the Absher online platform of the Ministry of Interior, for citizens and residents wishing to host pilgrims.

This service allows relatives of pilgrims or acquaintances who reside in the Kingdom to convert an Umrah visa into a visit visa (family or personal) according to the conditions announced on the Absher platform. The name of the host can be modified in the registration of pilgrims for the first time, and they are exempted from financial fees in the event that they are unable to leave at the present time.

To benefit from this service, please visit the Absher platform for individuals via the following link:, then follow the following steps: Passport services – Communications – Choose the department (visit visas) – Choose the service (Request to host Sudanese pilgrims ). A copy of the expatriate’s passport and a copy of the entry visa must be provided. The application must be submitted from the host’s account and a brief explanation of the application must be written in the “application description”.

Please be aware that this information may have changed after the September 2021 disconnect date. It is always best to check current details and recent events from a reliable source before taking any action.

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