Saudi Public Security asks citizens and residents for this urgent and very important matter


The Saudi General Security renewed this evening, Tuesday, severe warnings against the exploitation of children and the elderly in beggary operations.

In a related context, the Saudi General Security revealed, through the short tweets platform, that the exploitation of children, women, and the elderly in begging is a crime of human trafficking.

In this regard, the General Security in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia reminded of the method of reporting the usurpers by calling through the number 911 from the regions of Makkah Al-Mukarramah, Riyadh and the Eastern Province, and calling through the number 999 from all regions of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

On the other hand, the “General Security” in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia had stressed, during the past few days, not to encourage beggars, as it was officially warned that this helps their continuation in these violations and the spread of their illegal work, in A tweet he posted on his Twitter account.

On the one hand, the “General Security”, in the same previous tweet, called on all citizens and residents in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to join hands with the efforts made to combat beggary, and to stop giving to any beggar.

The General Security in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia also requested the continuation of reporting all matters regarding the monitoring of violation cases on the number (911) in the regions of Makkah Al-Mukarramah, Riyadh and the Eastern Province, and the number (999) in the rest of the Kingdom’s regions.

In today’s conversation, on the website of Al-Nasr newspaper, we will discuss beggary, its types, and the crimes involved in it, as well as how to eradicate it and know the true meaning of begging through a group of lines and paragraphs as follows:

Exploiting the elderly and children by begging is a crime of human trafficking

The exploitation of adults and children in the process of begging is one of the crimes of human trafficking. It is a critical problem for the countries of the world mainly, but especially for the developing countries. This exploitation is a crime against humanity, as people who feel vulnerable and need to live in worse conditions are subjected to exploitation, rape or permanent work without pay.

The main reasons for exploitation

There are several main causes of exploitation of beggary in human trafficking, including:

  • Poverty and denial of real opportunities to live a good life.
  • Lack of guarantees and legal protection for people in poverty.
  • Economic and political crises that lead to the deterioration of people’s living conditions.

anti-begging method

Before starting the challenge on beggary, we must first define what beggary is. Different definitions allow beggary to include many different types of crime, but most often the definitions relate to the exploitation of vulnerable persons, for example an elderly person or a child, for commercial or financial gain.

Adverse effects for affected persons

Beggary affects people who are exposed to it seriously and permanently. It can lead to a spiritual, psychological and physical deterioration of the affected person, as well as to the development of other health problems, for example mental disorders and psychological and neurological diseases.


Begging is a very important topic and affects many people, including the elderly and children. It is the exploitation of another person to obtain more benefits without any compensation for him, and in many cases this exploitation occurs when the exploited person is unable to defend himself.

What is begging?

Begging is taking advantage of another person in any way, including human trafficking, sex trafficking and other types of crime. Beggary can occur when the exploited person is unable to fend for himself, including the elderly and children.

begging signs

Signs of beggary can appear differently in different people, but can include signs such as:-

  • Psychological and emotional stress.
  • physical pain or infection
  • Maternal infection.

types of begging

Begging is one of the biggest problems facing society, and begging includes several different types, for example:

  • Child begging, as child molestation is considered one of the most dangerous and worst types of begging. Begging against children is a very serious crime and may lead to the destruction of the life of the affected child and severe damage to his mental and psychological health.
  • Adult begging where as beggary occurs against adults, and this is also considered a major criminal and harmful to the affected adult, begging against adults can lead to the destruction of the life of the affected adult and endanger his health and his relations with the community.
  • Animal begging, where begging against animals is one of the hard types of begging, begging against animals can lead to the destruction of the lives of animals and endanger their health and life.

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