Saudi passports release an urgent and important decision regarding travel for all citizens and residents


This morning, the Saudi passports officially launched an urgent and important decision regarding travel for all citizens, residents, and expatriate workers in the Kingdom.

An important decision from Saudi Passports regarding travel to Qatar

In a related context, the General Directorate of Saudi Passports announced this morning, through an official publication, the return of travel procedures for the State of Qatar to the usual procedures followed in the previous time, before the events and the World Cup, as of today 12/23/2022 AD.

In this regard, the Saudi passports have indicated that citizens can currently travel officially to the State of Qatar through a passport or national identity.

The Saudi Passports confirmed that the validity of the travel document is not less than (3) months for travel to the countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council.

The Saudi passports stressed the importance of preserving travel documents and not mortgaging, neglecting or placing them in unsafe places.

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