Saudi passports publish the punishment for self-employed expatriates, including imprisonment, a fine, and deportation


Saudi Passports officially warned this morning, in a tweet to it through its official account on the short tweets platform, Twitter, that the expatriate works for his own account without officially registering his activity.

In a related context, the General Directorate of Passports in the Kingdom officially revealed this morning that the penalties will affect residents and citizens who violate the work, border security and residence system.

Penalties for violators and a statement of Saudi passports

In a related context, regarding the penalty for an expatriate who works for himself without being officially registered or knowing the Saudi government any details about his currency, the General Directorate of Saudi Passports said that his punishment is a financial fine estimated at 50,000 riyals and six months imprisonment with deportation.

In another official statement of the passports in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, it officially revealed this morning that it had issued about 14042 administrative decisions during the month of December of the previous year 2022, against residents and citizens, who deliberately violated the work and residence regulations in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Deportation, fines and imprisonment are new penalties for all residents and expatriate workers in the Kingdom

In that official regard, she officially confirmed via the short tweets platform, Twitter, that the penalties varied between deportation or a financial fine, and sometimes imprisonment.

For its part, Passports appealed to everyone to report violators of the residence and work system through the number 911 from the emirates of Makkah, Riyadh and the Eastern Province, and 999 for the rest of the Kingdom.

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