Public Security reveals the details of the moment of arresting a citizen who tried to hit a security vehicle in Taif


It was indicated by the policemen in an official statement this morning that the suspect has been arrested and regular measures have been taken against him, and he will be referred to the Public Prosecution.

What is public security in Saudi Arabia?

Security in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is a security apparatus responsible for maintaining security and order in the country, ensuring the safety of citizens and residents, and protecting public and private property. General policemen enjoy wide powers that include the implementation of laws, regulations and regulations related to security in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and undertake the tasks of protecting borders and land, sea and air ports, controlling and investigating crimes and arresting perpetrators, securing public events and vital facilities and maintaining public order and security in general in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia.

Policemen also cooperate with other government agencies and security services in various fields, and provide security services to citizens and residents in the Kingdom.

What are the missions of security or policemen in Saudi Arabia?

Security missions in Saudi Arabia include preventing crimes and assaults before they occur, apprehending and investigating crimes after they occur, apprehending and prosecuting offenders before the competent courts, combating, controlling and investigating drug crimes, securing land, sea and air borders, protecting individuals and property, securing public events and maintaining security. Public order, cooperation with government agencies and other security agencies in various fields, and provision of security services to citizens and residents.

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