You will not believe the devilish trick used by the expat who impersonated a Saudi citizen for 19 years. The ending is shocking


The Saudi authorities were able to discover a case of impersonation of a 19-year-old citizen, based on a contact made by one of her relatives, according to what was published by the Saudi newspaper, Al-Watan.

According to the newspaper, a woman contacted the competent authorities and informed them that there was a non-Saudi woman with a false identity, but she did not provide any evidence at first. It is expected that she will be punished if her report is found to be false, which forced her to confirm that she would bear the consequences of that in the event that what was mentioned was found to be true. Then the accused admitted that she was not the real owner of that identity. The accused admitted the details of the plagiarism process, as she explained that her deceased husband was a Saudi citizen and married her sister, and they lived together in Saudi Arabia. After that, her sister obtained Saudi nationality, became seriously ill, returned to her country of origin, and died there alongside her relatives. Then her expatriate husband married the accused after the death of her sister, and she entered the Kingdom with him in her capacity as her sister, and from here she began to use her name and identity and lived with it for 19 years, and only those close to her knew this fact. She continued to impersonate until one of her relatives revealed this as a result of a personal dispute between them.

This discovery is considered a serious case of impersonation and document forgery, and is a legal offense. It is important that the appropriate authorities take action to address this issue and bring about justice.

Individuals must be vigilant and cooperate with authorities in detecting cases of fraud and impersonation, and abide by laws and regulations regarding identity and identity papers.

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