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Car windows are an essential component of any vehicle, as they provide good visibility for the driver and passengers and protect them from external factors.

However, some people may wish to tint their car windows for several reasons, such as to maintain privacy and reduce heat and UV emissions. However, the rules and conditions set by the General Traffic Department in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia must be adhered to in order to tint car windows.

Car window tinting controls

1. Variation of shading ratio

The percentage of tinting allowed varies according to the type of vehicle. Drivers must take into account these differences and abide by the permitted percentage, according to the directives of the General Traffic Department.

2. Avoid windshield tinting

Drivers are advised not to tint the windshield of the vehicle. The windshield plays an important role in providing a clear vision for the driver while driving and facilitating vision while vomiting. Therefore, you should refrain from shading it.

3. Adhere to permitted portions

The General Directorate of Traffic determines the parts of the car that are allowed to be shaded. The driver must shade the permitted parts only, and not shade other parts of the vehicle. Shaded areas include the side glass panels in the rear seats.

4. Transparent shading

The shading used must be transparent from the inside and not obstruct the vision and the side windshield of the driver and the escort, except in special cases and with the approval of the Saudi Traffic.

Possible penalties and fines

The General Traffic Department warns drivers against violating the conditions and controls that have been set to tint car windows. In case of non-compliance, drivers may be subject to financial fines and legal penalties that may include imprisonment. The violation is not limited to the car while it is moving only, but the traffic policeman can record the shading violation even if the car is parked in front of the house.


The General Directorate of Traffic in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia sets strict controls for car window tinting in order to ensure the safety of drivers and vehicles on public roads. Drivers must abide by these controls and not exceed the permissible percentages of shading. Compliance with these conditions will contribute to improving traffic safety and reducing road accidents.

Frequently asked questions

1. What parts of the car are allowed to be tinted?

It is permitted to tint the side glass panes in the rear seats.

2. Is car windshield tinting allowed?

It is advised not to shade the windshield of the car to facilitate vision while vomiting.

3. What are the possible penalties in case of violating the shading conditions?

Drivers may be subject to fines and legal penalties, up to imprisonment.

4. Is it allowed to shade public cars and taxis?

No, public taxis and daily taxis are prohibited from shading.

5. Is it allowed to tint sports cars?

No, single-door sports cars are prohibited from tinting.

Make sure to follow the specific controls and conditions for tinting your car windows, and be sure to comply with the directives issued by the General Traffic Department in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Avoid traffic violations and penalties resulting from non-compliance with the controls, and ensure your safety and the safety of others while driving.

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