A shocking decision for all expatriates in Saudi Arabia. They will not sleep tonight after this new decision! (shocking)


A shocking decision for all expatriates in Saudi Arabia because of this new decision, as the localization of professions is part of the Saudi government’s efforts to promote social equality and provide job opportunities for Saudi citizens. Through the localization of some professions, a certain percentage of the Saudi workforce required to be employed in those professions is determined instead of expatriate workers.

Based on the information you provided, in 2023 a number of professions and activities will be localized in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. These professions include project management, procurement, sales, outlets that provide freight services, freight brokers, decoration, and women’s sewing activities. The implementation of this decision has been divided into different stages, whereby a specific percentage of Saudi workers will be localized at each stage.

Companies and institutions operating in the Saudi market that employ a certain number of workers in those professions must commit to localizing these professions and employing Saudi workers. Incentives and support from the Ministry of Human Resources are also in place to assist companies in this process.

The Ministry of Human Resources has also issued procedural guides to explain how to implement the localization of professions and activities. Companies must abide by these guides and abide by the decisions issued to avoid statutory penalties in case of non-compliance.

The objectives of the localization of occupations are to provide job opportunities for Saudi nationals. Emiratisation aims to increase the participation of Saudi workers in the labor market and improve their employment opportunities. By localizing professions, the Saudi government promotes social equality and reduces reliance on expatriate workers in some vital sectors. This enhances economic sustainability and works to develop the skills and competencies of Saudi citizens and enhance their role in the country’s development.

It appears that the Ministry of Human Resources in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has issued a ministerial decision to localize a number of professions and activities as part of its efforts to increase job opportunities and enhance national participation in the labor market. The following is a summary of the professions that will be localized in 2023:

  1. Project management professions: Emiratization of 35% in the first stage and 40% in the second stage of the total number of workers in these professions.
  2. Purchasing professions: 50% localization in establishments that employ three or more workers in the procurement professions.
  3. Sales professions: Localize different professions in this sector, including sales manager, customer service, sales representative, and others.
  4. Outlets providing freight services and freight brokers: Localizing 14 activities in these outlets.
  5. Women’s decoration and tailoring: Localization of outlets that provide decoration services and women’s tailoring entirely in administrative positions.
  6. Postal activities and parcel transportation: the localization of activities related to mail and parcel transportation, including the localization of the profession of CEOs in Saudis.
  7. Medical devices sector: 80% localize the sale, advertisement, and introduction of medical devices and supplies, and 50% localize the engineering and technical professions of medical devices.

The Ministry of Human Resources states that it will provide a package of incentives and support to support institutions in hiring Saudis and benefit from the available support programs.

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