A strict Saudi decision… A quarter of a million riyals fine for anyone who eats this food in the Kingdom!!


Preserving food and utilizing it effectively is essential to achieving sustainable development. However, Saudi Arabia suffers from the phenomenon of food waste at an alarmingly high rate. This phenomenon includes wasting and wasting food in all its forms due to excessive consumption and poor planning.

2. The phenomenon of food waste among the Saudi people

Wasting food in all its forms

The Saudi people witness excessive consumption of food and waste in various forms, whether it be in homes, restaurants or social events. Excessive consumption habits and lack of awareness of the value of food cause the accumulation of large amounts of food waste.

Increased waste phenomenon

Saudi Arabia is witnessing a significant increase in the phenomenon of food waste. This is due to several factors such as population increase, changes in lifestyle, poor nutritional planning, and lack of awareness of the importance of preserving food resources.

3. The risk of food waste

Acceleration of vulnerability to poverty and famine

Wasting food is irresponsible and dangerous, as it wastes resources and wastes agricultural and economic efforts. The people most affected by this problem are the poor and needy individuals, who are more exposed to food shortages and starvation as a result of wasting food resources.

Impact on the economy and development

Wasting food leads to a waste of natural and financial resources. Thus, it has a significant impact on the economy and development of Saudi Arabia. For example, Saudi Arabia alone wastes 1.9 million tons of food annually, which represents a huge economic value that can be used to achieve sustainable development.

4. The penalty for wasting food

proposed penalties

In order to combat food waste, the following penalties have been legislated in Saudi Arabia:

  • Any person who intentionally wastes food shall be liable to a fine of ten thousand riyals.
  • The fine may be doubled the next time the violation is repeated.
  • Food producers and food regulators will be fined 200,000 riyals if they waste food.

Saudi government legislation

To reduce food waste, the Saudi government decided to impose penalties and fines on everyone who wastes food. Wasting about 30% of food in inappropriate ways leads to an estimated loss of 49 billion riyals annually, a figure that can be invested in other services and improving the country’s infrastructure.

5. Fighting food waste in Saudi Arabia

The need for new laws

To effectively combat food waste, new laws must be put in place to regulate food production, distribution and consumption. There must be strict standards to ensure the sustainability of the food system and the preservation of natural resources.

The role of the individual and the competent authorities

The role of combating food waste is not limited to the government and laws only, but rather requires cooperation and joint efforts from individuals and the competent authorities. Individuals should change their consumption habits and make themselves aware of the importance of preserving food resources. Producers and suppliers must improve their processes and provide consumers with guidance on the correct storage and use of food products.

6. Future steps and public awareness

Future steps should focus on raising awareness and educating the public about the importance of reducing food waste and its negative impact on society and the environment. Awareness and educational campaigns can be implemented in schools, universities and the media to spread awareness and promote sustainable behavior in relation to food.

7. Abstract of the article

Food waste is a major challenge in Saudi society, and requires immediate intervention and joint efforts to combat it. The government, individuals and competent authorities must cooperate to set strict laws and educate the public on the importance of preserving food resources and reducing food waste.

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