Saudi Arabia explodes a surprise and announces a new and easy entry visa, and joy prevails in the Arab world?


In a surprising and controversial move, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia announced the launch of a new and easy entry visa for visitors from various countries of the world.

This announcement caused a wave of joy and optimism in the Arab world, as people viewed this step as an opportunity to boost tourism and develop the economy in the Kingdom. With this announcement, eyes are turning towards Saudi Arabia as a new and exciting tourist destination.

Possible benefits of a new entry visa

The new entry visa announced by Saudi Arabia holds many potential benefits for the Kingdom and visitors alike. Here are some of these benefits:

1. Promote tourism

Saudi Arabia hopes that this step will be an opportunity to boost the tourism industry in the Kingdom. Saudi Arabia is distinguished by its ancient history and rich culture, and it has many wonderful tourist sites such as the ancient stone, ancient cities and beautiful beaches. With this new visa, more people will be able to discover the beauty and diversity of Saudi Arabia as a tourist destination.

2. Boosting the economy

The new entry visa is expected to have a positive impact on the Saudi economy. By receiving more foreign visitors, the demand for tourism and hospitality services will increase, which will lead to strengthening the tourism sector and providing new job opportunities for Saudi citizens.

3. Exchange of cultures

The new entry visa is also an opportunity to exchange cultures and enhance cultural understanding between Saudi Arabia and the outside world. By receiving visitors from different countries, Saudis will have the opportunity to discover new cultures and communicate with others through the exchange of experiences and knowledge.

How to get the new visa

To get the new visa, visitors are required to follow certain procedures. These procedures are expected to be simple and easy to perform, making obtaining a visa easy. The following are steps that may be involved in the visa process:

1. Submit the visa application

The first step to obtaining a new visa is to submit an application. Visitors must complete an application form and submit it to the Saudi embassy or consulate in their country.

2. Submit the required documents

After submitting the visa application, visitors must submit the required documents to the embassy or consulate. These documents may include valid passport, personal photos, health certificate and other required documents.

3. Pay the fees

After submitting the documents, visitors are required to pay the fees required to obtain the visa. Fees may vary according to the nationality and type of visa required.

4. Application review and approval

After receiving the application and documents and paying the fees, the application will be reviewed by the competent authorities at the embassy or consulate. If the application is approved, the visa will be issued and the visitor will be notified of the necessary details for travel to Saudi Arabia.

Development and cooperation opportunities

The launch of the new entry visa also opens the door to opportunities for development and cooperation between Saudi Arabia and other countries. Increased visitors can expand bilateral relations and promote trade and cultural exchange between countries. It could also lead to enhanced cooperation in areas such as education, health, science and technology.


Saudi Arabia’s announcement of a new and easy entry visa created a wave of joy and optimism in the Arab world. People believe that this step will contribute to boosting tourism and developing the economy in the Kingdom. Besides, it provides an opportunity to enhance cultural understanding and exchange of experiences between Saudi Arabia and the outside world. It is expected that this decision will be followed by simple procedures for obtaining a visa, which will facilitate access to Saudi Arabia for visitors from different countries of the world.

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