A new royal decree regarding free citizenship in Saudi Arabia for these citizens of those nationalities


In light of the security and military unrest that many Arab countries are witnessing, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has witnessed a large number of foreigners coming from different nationalities.

Among these nationalities, the Sudanese come at the forefront of the arrivals, as they settle in the Kingdom and prefer not to return to their country in light of the current conditions. In response to this growing demand, the General Authority for Passports Affairs in the Kingdom has taken a set of modern measures to provide a comfortable period of stay for Sudanese Hajj Umrah visa holders. In this article, we will highlight the actions that have been taken in this context.

Changes in fees and visa prices

Comprehensive change in the prices of residence renewal fees

Among the measures taken, Saudi Arabia has introduced changes in the prices of residency renewal fees. These changes come within the framework of efforts to improve services provided to residents and facilitate renewal procedures. These changes are part of the Kingdom’s policy to attract more investments and boost the economy.

Fees for exit and re-entry visa and transfer of sponsorship

In addition, changes have been made to the exit and re-entry visa fees and sponsorship transfer. These changes aim to make the procedures easier for residents and reduce associated costs. These changes also include exempting some categories from fees permanently, with the aim of encouraging more investments and boosting the economy.

Procedures for providing accommodation for Sudanese Umrah pilgrims

Converting an Umrah visa into a visit visa

One of the procedures is carried out by the pilgrim’s relative or any of his relatives residing in the Kingdom, whereby the Umrah visa is converted into a visit visa. This service includes personal and family visas in accordance with the conditions announced on the Absher electronic platform.

Family / personal visas in the Kingdom

The Kingdom also allows the possibility of hosting family members by providing a family/personal visa service in the Kingdom. Any Umrah performer can receive his family members in Saudi Arabia as an alternative to Umrah visas.

Hostname modification service

In addition, the Kingdom provides the service of modifying host names, which allows modifying the host name in the Umrah performers’ record in case of need. The Kingdom decided to exempt the Sudanese Umrah pilgrims from paying any fees related to this service for the first time, in order to facilitate their procedures and reduce the financial burden on them during their stay.

How to apply for the service of hosting Sudanese pilgrims

Here are the simple steps to follow to use the service of hosting Sudanese pilgrims:

  1. Enter the Absher platform via the following link: https://www.absher.sa.
  2. Log in to your account on the Absher platform for individuals.
  3. Choose the “My Services” option from the top menu.
  4. Select your passport code.
  5. Choose the section related to visit visas.
  6. Select the “Request to host Sudanese pilgrims” icon.
  7. Attach a copy of your passport.
  8. Attach a copy of the entry visa to the Kingdom.
  9. Specify your request in the request description field.

Make sure you provide your information correctly and clearly, and check that you have completed all required steps. After submitting the application, it will be processed by the competent authorities, and you will be notified of the outcome of the application via the Absher platform.

The use of this service will facilitate the procedures of the Sudanese Umrah pilgrims and will contribute to fulfilling their desire to stay in the Kingdom and avoid returning to their country in light of the difficult circumstances that Sudan is currently witnessing.

The royal decree ended up allowing residents to work in certain professions without a sponsor

In other news, the royal leadership issued a royal order allowing residents in the kingdom to work in a range of specific professions in all regions of the kingdom without the need for a sponsor. This decision is an important step in improving working conditions for residents and providing them with new job opportunities. This step will allow residents to benefit from various job opportunities and increase their income, within the framework of promoting economic development and diversifying the work base in the Kingdom.


It explains the measures taken by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to provide comfortable accommodation for Sudanese Umrah pilgrims and facilitate their procedures. These measures include changes in the prices of residency renewal fees, exit and return visas, and transfer of sponsorship. These measures facilitate the residence of Sudanese in the Kingdom and provide them with job opportunities and stability in light of the difficult conditions in their country. The Kingdom also provided hosting services for Sudanese Umrah pilgrims and facilities for managing their procedures.

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