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One of the important issues that concern residents of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is the issue of family recruitment.

Over recent years, there have been frequent amendments to the laws related to this matter. In a new announcement, the Kingdom provided important details of interest to residents wishing to bring their families to the Kingdom. We’ll take a look at these details and explore more about recruitment fees, terms and procedures.

Details of family recruitment in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

1. Cessation of family-related services in the Kingdom

A warning has been issued by the competent authorities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, stating that all services related to bringing the family will be stopped immediately, due to possible damages that may result from these services. This decision comes as a precautionary measure to protect the safety and well-being of residents and citizens in the Kingdom.

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3. Family recruitment fees in Saudi Arabia

Family recruitment in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia includes several fees, according to the latest amendments to these details. The family recruitment fee is 2000 Saudi riyals as a government fee, in addition to 2000 Saudi riyals as an entry fee to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. This amount is paid once upon entry to the Kingdom.

4. Fees for recruiting the wife for the first time

As for the request to recruit the wife for the first time only, the required fee is 3 thousand Saudi riyals.

5. Conditions and procedures for bringing families into the Kingdom

To benefit from family recruitment services within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the following conditions and procedures must be followed:

  • Submitting a recruitment application automatically through the visa platform of the Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  • Stamping and authenticating the application electronically by the employer or the Chamber of Commerce.
  • Data are available in Arabic except for the name if it is not in Arabic.
  • The resident must be 18 years or older.
  • Having a residence validity of more than 90 days at the time of submitting the application.
  • Pay the required fees.
  • Not to bring more than one wife to the resident.
  • The required profession should be allowed to submit the recruitment request.

6. Professions permitted to request a family visit

Workers in the following fields are allowed to request a family visit:

  • Marketing.
  • Accounting.
  • management jobs.
  • Medicine.
  • Engineering.
  • Education in general.
  • First class jobs.

7. Professions that are not allowed to apply for a family visit

Some professions that are not allowed to apply for a family visit include:

  • Cooking workers.
  • carpentry workers.
  • Driving workers.
  • plumbing workers.
  • agricultural workers.
  • Cleaners.

8. Procedures for bringing the family for the purpose of visiting or residing

When submitting a request to bring a resident’s family for the purpose of visiting or residing, the following points must be taken into account:

  • Fill out the application form and ensure that all information is accurately completed, stamped and authenticated.
  • Submit a copy of the resident’s ID.
  • Submit a copy of the passport of the wife or children.
  • Submit a copy of the marriage contract and birth certificate for the children.
  • Pay the required fees on time.
  • Ensure that all submitted documents are valid and do not contain any fraud or forgery.


It is important for residents of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to adhere to the correct procedures when bringing in a family, whether for a visit or residence. The submitted data must be verified, the required documents are available, and the fees must be paid on time. It is also advised to review the concerned authorities and review the latest instructions and amendments before submitting any application. Residents must adhere to the specified dates and laws to ensure that the family recruitment process runs smoothly and without problems.

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