Saudi passports are carrying out a historic deportation campaign before Eid al-Adha.. Are you one of them?: You know now


Saudi Passports, the number of violators who were caught by security field campaigns in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia amounted to more than 11,000 expatriates, as they were caught for violating residency, work and border security regulations, and it is expected that these people will be deported to their countries before Eid Al-Adha for the current year 1444.

The joint field campaigns that the Saudi Passports carried out with the Ministry of the Interior in all regions of the Kingdom, during the period from June 1, 2023 to June 7, 2023, yielded important results, and in the statement issued by the ministry and published by the Saudi Press Agency “SPA”, the results came as follows:

First: The total number of violators in the joint security field campaigns in all regions of the Kingdom was seized, amounting to 11,610 violators. Of these, there were 6,303 violators of the residency law, 4,136 violators of the border security law, and 1,171 violators of the labor law.

Second: A total of 619 people were caught trying to cross the border illegally to enter the Kingdom, and among these people, 43% were Yemeni nationals, 54% were Ethiopian nationals, and 3% were from other nationalities. Another 119 people were also caught trying to cross the border by illegal means. illegal to get out of the kingdom.

Third: 19 people involved in transporting, harboring and employing violators of residency, work and border security regulations were arrested, in addition to covering them up.

Fourth: There are 29,399 violating expatriates who are currently subject to procedures for implementing the regulations, and among these, there are 24,372 men and 5,027 women.

Fifth: 23,381 violators were referred to their diplomatic missions to obtain travel documents, 1,303 violators were referred to complete their travel reservations, while 7,445 violators were deported.

Warning from the Saudi and internal passports:

Saudi Passports, together with the Ministry of the Interior, warned that anyone who assists the entry of violators of the border security system in the Kingdom, or provides them with shelter or provides them with any assistance or service in any way, exposes himself to penalties that may reach 15 years in prison, and a fine of an amount. Up to one million riyals, and the means of transportation and housing used to shelter violators will be confiscated.

In addition, the Saudi passports indicated that this crime is considered one of the major crimes that require arrest, and is considered a violation of honor and trust, and the ministry called on all persons to report any case of violation by calling the following numbers: 911 in the regions of Makkah Al-Mukarramah, Riyadh and the Eastern Province, and 999 and 996 in the rest of the country. regions of the Kingdom.

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