Immediate naturalization in Saudi Arabia.. New amendments make the Kingdom more open and welcoming


Within the framework of its endeavor to achieve the goals of Vision 2023 and to promote development and prosperity, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia seeks to attract global competencies and talents and provide promising opportunities. Kingdom’s renaissance and development.

Expanding the scope of naturalization in Saudi Arabia

Through these amendments, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia aims to expand the scope of naturalization for qualified and deserving individuals, and according to the royal decree, certain groups can obtain Saudi nationality if they meet the required conditions. Here are some of these categories:

This amendment includes the granting of Saudi nationality to Ottoman subjects who were born in the lands of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia or residing therein during a certain period of time. It is required that they have maintained their residence in those lands until a specific date and have not acquired a foreign nationality before that date.

Under the new amendments, holders of distinguished academic degrees and high qualifications can obtain Saudi nationality. This requires providing evidence and evidence of their skills and contributions in their fields, which will contribute to promoting scientific and technological development and renaissance in the Kingdom.

The timing of implementing the amendments and the advantages of naturalization

These amendments were implemented at the beginning of 2023, and aim to facilitate and accelerate the naturalization process for eligible groups, and among the advantages that individuals who obtain Saudi nationality receive include:

  • The right to permanent residence in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  • Access to job opportunities, education, health care and social security available to Saudi citizens.
  • Full participation in the social, cultural and economic life in the Kingdom.

A step towards development and development

These amendments to the Naturalization Law are considered an important step towards development and development in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, as they enhance the attractiveness of foreign investments and contribute to attracting global competencies and talents. They also reflect the Kingdom’s commitment to achieving Vision 2030 and transforming it into a prosperous reality that benefits citizens and residents alike.

By introducing these policies and promoting naturalization, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia continues to build a multicultural and talented society, and strengthens its position as a global destination for science, innovation and investment.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is witnessing rapid development in various fields, and is working hard to achieve Vision 2030 and implement national transformation programs. Among these transformations and reforms are the amendments to the Naturalization Law, which aim to attract global talents and competencies and promote development and prosperity.

By opening the door to naturalization for scientists, innovators, and holders of academic degrees, the Kingdom affirms its desire to attract competencies and provide promising opportunities for development and renaissance. With this reform, Saudi Arabia provides new opportunities for the individual and society, and strengthens its position as a leading destination for innovation and science in the region.

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