Watch how the Holy Kaaba looked from space .. You will not imagine what your eyes will see!!


In a rare and amazing scene, the Saudi astronaut, Rayana Barnawi, published a video showing us unique scenes of Makkah Al-Mukarramah from the vast space aboard the International Space Station.

These scenes delighted the hearts of many, as the shining Mecca appeared from the sky with a charming and beautiful view. Rayana Bernawi’s participation in this scientific journey represents a historic achievement for the Arabs and for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in particular.

The great start to the space journey

After embarking on her scientific journey a few days ago, Rayana Bernawi shared a rare video clip of Makkah Al-Mukarramah from the International Space Station. Commenting on the video, she said, “After I finished my experience for the day, we passed over Makkah Al-Mukarramah, light in light.” This moment was special and exciting for her and for many people around the world.

Realizing the space dream

Rayana Bernawi is the first Arab female astronaut to participate in a mission to the International Space Station, and this is considered a great achievement in the history of the Arabs and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Rayana Barnawi arrived at the International Space Station with her colleague, Ali Al-Qarni, a fighter pilot in the Saudi Air Force, as they set off together early Monday morning on a journey that lasted about 8 days.

A journey of hope and investigation

After arriving at the International Space Station, Rayana Bernawi posted an emotional message on her official Twitter account and a video from the Saudi Space Authority. “Greetings from outer space, we are now living a dream we imagined will become a reality, with the support of the government, our leadership, our families and everyone,” she said. She also emphasized that this trip is not a representation of her alone, but rather of the entire Arab world and all Saudis.

Who is Rayana Bernawi?

Rayana Barnawi is the first Saudi and Arab female astronaut to fly to the International Space Station on a historic flight called AX-2. Rayana was born in Riyadh in 1990 and holds a degree in Tissue Engineering and Genetics from the University of Otago in New Zealand. Rayana worked as a researcher in the field of cancer stem cells for more than nine years, and participated in many scientific projects and medical innovations.

Scientific research in space

While on the International Space Station, Rayana Barnawi will conduct more than 20 research and science projects during her eight-day flight. Among these projects, she will study the effect of low gravity on stem cells and will contribute valuable information to understanding the biological effects of space on the human body.

Rayana Barnawi, as a Saudi astronaut, is participating in a historic mission to the International Space Station, and this participation is considered an invaluable achievement for the Arabs and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Rayana is a role model for Arab youth and reflects the Kingdom’s desire to enhance the role of women in scientific and technological fields. Thanks to the efforts of the Saudi female astronaut, we are witnessing a great development in the field of space, and we aspire to more scientific discoveries and technological advancements in the future.

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