Saudi passports launch sudden decisions regarding banning family visit visas


Extending a family visit in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia requires adherence to certain conditions and urgent procedures, as it is subject to specific fees.

The family visit visa can be extended through the host’s account in the “Absher Individuals” or “Absher Business” platforms, up to 7 days before the visa expires. Visitors must obtain medical insurance in accordance with the applicable regulations and conditions.

Family visit visa fees vary according to the period for which it is renewed, and are as follows:

  • Family visit visa for 14 days: 300 Saudi riyals.
  • Family visit visa for 90 days: 600 Saudi riyals.
  • Family visit visa for 180 days: 3000 Saudi riyals.

Please note that visitors must comply with the conditions and requirements of Saudi immigration and passports, adhere to the deadlines for visa renewal, and pay the required fees.

Please check the official sources for more details and updates regarding the extension of the family visit in Saudi Arabia.

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