The discovery of the largest treasure in the world … the weight exceeds three billion tons and is found in that Arab country (Goodbye to poverty)


In an Arab country, specifically in Algeria, a huge treasure was discovered that is considered one of the largest treasures in the world. The weight exceeds three billion tons.

This global discovery caught the attention of many Western newspapers. In this article, we will explore the details of this huge Arab treasure and its great importance in the Middle East and North Africa region.

1. The discovery of the huge Arab treasure

In Algeria, the Council of Ministers has given the green light to a massive mining company known as the “Iron Giant” to exploit the “Gas Djebeilat” iron mine, a mine located in the southwest of the country. This mine is an important source for stimulating Algeria’s internal economy, in addition to meeting the world’s iron needs.

2. The importance of the huge Arab treasure

Algeria relies on this huge project to exploit the mine because it contains one of the largest iron reserves in the world, as Algeria has the third largest global reserves of about 3 billion tons of iron. This project is expected to generate revenues of ten billion dollars annually in the first phase.

3. The economic and social implications of the discovery

Economic analysts expected that the investment of the mine would bring the country large revenues and foreign exchange in large quantities, and would greatly enhance the national economy and reduce inflation rates. It will also provide new job opportunities for thousands of residents.

4. Sino-Algerian cooperation

This huge operation is being implemented to exploit the Ghar Jbeilat mine in the framework of a strategic partnership with China. A joint venture with Chinese company has been set up and typical production units completed. The project is expected to include several infrastructures and facilities for the production of iron and steel.

5. Expanding Algeria’s resources

This big step in investing in the Ghar Djebeilat mine is considered a new beginning to diversify Algeria’s resources, especially in the hydrocarbon sector. It is planned to pump initial investments of about two billion dollars to achieve this goal.


The giant mine’s investments in Algeria are a real opportunity to strengthen the national economy and provide job opportunities and sustainable development in the country. This colossal Arabian treasure is a remarkable achievement that deserves attention and appreciation.

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