Expatriates in Saudi Arabia receive the most important urgent news… Human resources announce the Saudization of these professions and the deportation of all foreigners


The Emiratization plan for the project management professions aims to increase the employment rate for Saudi nationals in this field, according to statements made by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Human resources reveal a list of new Saudi professions

Here is a summary of a report published by the Saudi newspaper “Okaz” on the localization of a number of new professions in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia:

Localization of project management professions: Localization of project management professions has been announced in the Kingdom, such as project management manager and project management specialist. This decision will be implemented in two phases, as establishments that employ 3 or more workers in project management professions must have 35% of the employees being Saudis.

Localization of procurement professions: Procurement professions have been localized by 50% for establishments that employ 3 workers or more in this field. Procurement professions include Purchasing Manager, Procurement Representative, Contracts Manager, Brand Procurement Specialist and Tendering Specialist.

Localization of sales professions: Localization of sales professions is 15% for establishments that employ 5 workers or more in sales professions. These occupations include sales manager, internal sales manager, client services, patent specialist, marketing sales expert, and other sales professionals.

Localization of outlets providing services for freight activities and freight brokers: 14 activities have been localized in outlets providing services for freight activities and freight brokers, in cooperation with the Ministry of Transport and Logistics Services and the Public Transport Authority.

Localization of women’s decoration and sewing outlets: Women’s decoration and women’s sewing outlets have been localized in all establishments, and there must be at least one Saudi female worker in the outlets that employ 10 or more workers, in cooperation with the Ministry of Municipal, Rural Affairs and Housing.

In addition, it was announced that the implementation of the second phase of the localization of mail and parcel transportation activities would begin, and the localization of the medical devices sector for the second phase as well.

This announcement is part of Saudi Arabia’s efforts to increase the employment of local workers in various professions and to promote economic development and job opportunities for Saudi citizens.

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