Expatriates earn millions of riyals a month from simple work in Saudi Arabia: How do they achieve enormous wealth?


A Saudi citizen revealed that he made huge profits from delivery applications

Recently, the importance of delivery applications in people’s lives has increased, as it has become a major means of obtaining products and services quickly and conveniently, and this industry has witnessed tremendous growth in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and the job opportunities and profits available to the owners of these applications have increased, and in this context, a citizen A Saudi named “Jaber Al-Mutairi” revealed the huge profits he achieved from working in delivery applications, amounting to 1.5 million Saudi riyals.

Jaber Al-Mutairi: The owner of the highest profits in the field of delivery

Jaber Al-Mutairi is a Saudi citizen who presented an amazing success story in the field of delivery applications. Jaber began working in this field since 2011, where he delivered orders for four continuous years, working for a period ranging between 16 and 17 hours a day, and during his interview with Al-Arabiya channel Al-Mutairi gave exciting details about his experience and his enormous profits.

With regard to the percentage of profits he receives, Al-Mutairi stated that he works with an application in which the owner of the application gets a percentage ranging between 40% and 45%, and this is considered a very high percentage compared to other applications, and therefore, Al-Mutairi was able to achieve large profits that exceed his colleagues working in the same the field.

Jaber Al-Mutairi’s journey in the field of applications

Jaber Al-Mutairi established his own application since 2011, with the aim of bringing together productive families in one platform that allows them to deliver their orders and display their products. Jaber focused on transforming the products of these local families into world-famous brands, according to a report from the “channel”, Jaber spent More than twenty years in the transportation sector from traditional taxis before moving into the field of delivery applications.

Jaber Al-Mutairi made more than 30,000 trips in his application, which contributed to achieving record numbers and continuing his success, and the value of cash trips he made amounted to one and a half million riyals, and although Jaber was able to achieve huge profits, the application companies acquired more Half of the amount he made.

Huge profits in the field of delivery applications

Delivery applications are a great investment opportunity for individuals and businessmen in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, as this field provides its workers with huge opportunities to make huge profits, especially if an application is developed that achieves great success and is widely popular among users.

Saudi Arabia is an ideal environment for the growth of this sector, as more and more users prefer to rely on applications to meet their needs, and the necessary infrastructure is available to support the expansion and development of this sector.

Invest in delivery apps

Through the success of Jaber Al-Mutairi and his huge profits, it can be said that investments in delivery applications are an important and promising opportunity in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and with a correct strategy and good implementation, individuals and businessmen can achieve similar profits and succeed in this field.

In the end, the fields of delivery applications in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia are witnessing tremendous growth, and among the successful ones in this field stands out Jaber Al-Mutairi and his huge profits that he achieved. His success story is an inspiration for many individuals who seek to take advantage of investment opportunities in this thriving sector.

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