Saudi Arabia.. Job opportunities for expatriates, Arabs and residents in this important project, with salaries of up to 12,000 riyals!! Don’t waste the chance


NEOM is one of the giant Saudi projects announced by Prince Mohammed bin Salman, the Saudi crown prince, and is considered a global leader in various aspects of life.

This ambitious project is supported by the Saudi Public Investment Fund, which is worth about $500 billion.

NEOM provides exciting job opportunities in various specializations and aims to attract national and international talents to contribute to the implementation of this qualitative project.

Vision and goals

The NEOM project aims to create a sustainable and innovative society that integrates technology and human development, in order to achieve the vision of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 2030. NEOM seeks to be a global center for innovation, business and tourism, and aspires to achieve progress and prosperity in various sectors, such as energy, entertainment, technology, industry and agriculture.

Job specializations in NEOM

The NEOM project provides job opportunities in a variety of specializations, including jobs in management, marketing, engineering, medical specializations, and others. Here are some specializations that the company needs:

1. Business management

NEOM needs business management professionals to develop strategies, analyze data, manage projects and strategic planning.

2. Marketing

NEOM is looking for experts in the field of marketing to develop innovative marketing strategies, increase awareness of the project and attract investments.

3. Engineering

NEOM needs engineers specialized in fields such as civil engineering, architecture, electrical engineering, and mechanical engineering to design and develop modern infrastructure and facilities.

4. Various medical specialties

The NEOM project includes a wide range of medical specialties, such as doctors, nurses, paramedics and mental health professionals, to provide comprehensive health care services to the community that will live in NEOM.

How to apply for jobs in NEOM

You can apply for NEOM jobs by visiting the official website of the company, viewing the vacancies, and submitting the appropriate employment application. You must submit your CV and indicate your experience and qualifications for this position.

Invest in NEOM

NEOM is an exciting investment opportunity for investors who want to join this great project. Potential investors can take advantage of the many investment opportunities available in areas such as tourism, entertainment, renewable energy, and creative industries.

Common inquiries

1. Is vocational training available in NEOM?

Yes, NEOM provides vocational training and continuous development opportunities for employees to enhance their skills and develop their career path.

2. Are housing and facilities provided for employees in NEOM?

Yes, NEOM provides housing and modern facilities for employees and their families, including schools, hospitals and commercial centers.

3. Are job opportunities available for foreign residents in NEOM?

Yes, NEOM welcomes national and international talents and provides job opportunities for foreign residents who can provide the required expertise and skills.

4. What are the benefits for NEOM employees?

Benefits for NEOM employees include competitive salaries and additional benefits such as health and life insurance, vocational training and job promotions.


The NEOM project is an exceptional investment opportunity and an ambitious project that aims to achieve progress and prosperity in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. NEOM provides exciting job opportunities in a variety of disciplines and seeks to attract national and international talent to contribute to achieving its ambitious vision.

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