Is it possible to enter Saudi Arabia after the expiration of the exit and return visa? A surprise from Saudi passports


Exit and re-entry visas are an important aspect for residents and expatriate workers of all nationalities working in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

These visas aim to organize and facilitate the legal travel of residents and their return to the Kingdom. In this context, the General Directorate of Passports has updated visa policies and controls to achieve the best possible service and take into account the various circumstances and needs of individuals.

Exit and re-entry visa requirements

Conditions and controls for exit and return visas have been set by the General Directorate of Passports in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. These conditions aim to ensure safe travel and return for residents and workers in the Kingdom. Here is an overview of some of these conditions:

1. Duration of return and new work visa

Anyone who leaves Saudi Arabia and does not return at the specified time will be banned from entering the Kingdom for a period of three years. However, the employer is allowed to enter if he holds a new work visa, and the time period is calculated from the expiration date of the previous visa and depends on the Hijri date.

2. Emergency circumstances and exit and re-entry visa

In the event of emergency circumstances that require exit and return before the expiry of the exit and re-entry visa, it is allowed to enter the Kingdom with a new work visa. However, it is obligatory to inform the passports of the emergency circumstances and submit supporting documents to obtain approval.

3. Determine the date of the exit and re-entry visa

If the exit and re-entry visa is calculated in months, its validity is three months for travel from the date of issue. If specified in days, it is calculated from the date of issue until the specified date.

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