Saudi Arabia announces the official statement to all pilgrims regarding masks and the Hajj season in the Kingdom


Saudi Arabia is one of the main destinations for pilgrims from all over the world especially the Arab region for all Muslims.

The Kingdom receives millions of pilgrims every year to perform Hajj in Mecca and Medina. With the spread of infectious diseases, especially the COVID-19 pandemic, the Kingdom attaches utmost importance to the safety of pilgrims and maintaining their health and safety. One of the measures taken to enhance the safety of pilgrims is the wearing of medical masks.

The importance of wearing medical masks for pilgrims

According to the directives of the General Presidency for the Affairs of the Grand Mosque and the Prophet’s Mosque, pilgrims have been obligated to wear medical masks. This comes in response to the needs of the current health conditions and taking into account public safety and the prevention of the spread of infectious diseases. These measures come within the framework of ensuring the safety of guests and the safety of others.

The commitment of the pilgrims and the instructions of the General Presidency

The need to wear medical masks and adhere to the instructions of the General Presidency regarding the Grand Mosque was clarified for pilgrims and workers in the Two Holy Mosques. This means that pilgrims are obligated to wear medical masks throughout their presence in the different regions, whether they are in the Grand Mosque, the Prophet’s Mosque, or while performing the rituals of Hajj.

The Kingdom’s efforts to limit the spread of infectious diseases

The decisions of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia reflect its keenness on the safety of the pilgrims and the preservation of their health and safety. The Kingdom has taken strict measures to limit the spread of infectious diseases inside the Grand Mosque and the Prophet’s Mosque, including the need to wear medical masks. The application of these procedures contributes to providing a safe environment for pilgrims and reducing the chances of infection transmission.

Attention to health and preventive awareness

In addition to wearing medical masks, Saudi Arabia encourages pilgrims to follow other health and preventive guidelines. Necessary information and directions are provided to pilgrims to ensure full compliance with preventive measures. This includes promoting personal hygiene practices, avoiding large gatherings, and maintaining a safe distance between individuals.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is very keen on the safety of the pilgrims and providing them with a safe environment during the performance of the Hajj rituals. Among the preventive measures taken, a decision was taken to wear medical masks for pilgrims. This reflects the Kingdom’s commitment to combating the spread of infectious diseases and protecting pilgrims and society in general.

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