How the wave of anger swept a famous restaurant in Jeddah


In recent hours, social networking sites in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia have witnessed a state of anger and resentment after people circulated news stating that a famous restaurant in the city of Jeddah is prohibited from entering women who wear the hijab, and the hashtag “#Bagatelle_contradicts_religion_restaurant” spread widely on social media platforms, which sparked A lot of controversy among users.

Discrimination controversy in public

There is no doubt that this event aroused the condemnation of many who see it as clear discrimination in a place that is supposed to be available to all, regardless of their cultural or religious backgrounds. The veil is a symbol of chastity and piety, and it is clear that preventing veiled women from entering the restaurant is a violation of their personal rights and respect as individuals in the society.

Social media influence

Social media is a powerful platform for exchanging ideas and opinions, and it has contributed greatly to the explosion of this controversy. Thanks to the speed and wide access to information through these platforms, events can spread quickly and gain wide attention, and this is exactly what happened in the case of the “Bagatelle” restaurant, where People circulated the news and expressed their anger and rejection of this discrimination.

The importance of respect and tolerance

Respect and tolerance are the foundations for building multicultural societies. Discrimination based on religion or external appearance leads to the disintegration of society and reinforces divisions.
We must remember that cultural and religious diversity enriches society and enhances our understanding of the other.
Therefore, we must always strive to coexist in peace and respect, and avoid discrimination and intolerance.

A state of anger and resentment has prevailed in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia because of the banning of the well-known restaurant “Bagatelle” from entering veiled women, which is considered clear discrimination. We must work together to build a society characterized by respect and tolerance, where everyone enjoys equality and unconditional rights.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the importance of coexistence and tolerance in society?

Coexistence and tolerance play a crucial role in building a harmonious and prosperous society, contributing to acceptance and respect for others, and promoting mutual understanding between individuals from different cultural and religious backgrounds.

What are the effects of social media on the spread of controversial events?

Social media is an effective platform for disseminating controversial news and events, as information can spread very quickly and audiences interact with it easily, leading to the formation of widespread controversy.

How can tolerance and respect be promoted in multicultural societies?

Tolerance and respect can be enhanced by encouraging communication and interaction between individuals, promoting cross-cultural learning, and providing support for initiatives that promote tolerance and acceptance of the other.

What is the importance of women’s rights in society?

Women’s rights are fundamental to building a just and balanced society. Women should have equal opportunities and rights regardless of factors such as gender or religion.

How can discrimination be avoided in public places?

Discrimination in public places can be avoided by adopting policies and laws that guarantee equality and non-discrimination based on religion, race, gender or any other personal privacy.

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