How can we contribute to saving the city?


The governorate of Taiz in Yemen has been subjected to horrific human suffering for nine years, due to the practices of the terrorist Houthi militia affiliated with Iran. This militia has cut off the main roads linking Taiz with the rest of the governorates and their districts, causing daily risks and losses for millions of innocent civilians, and because of this unjust siege, The population has been forced to look for unsafe alternative routes, with the exacerbation of human suffering and the increased risks to which they are exposed.

Unsafe alternative methods

Taiz governorate suffers from the cutting off of the main roads, which means that the residents do not have safe ways to reach their various destinations, and therefore, they are forced to use unsafe and risky alternative roads, which endangers their lives and safety.

Torrential and flood risks

Taiz governorate suffers from bad weather and frequent floods, which increases the suffering of the population. Many cars and trucks transporting goods were swept away in the liquidity of Haifan district, south of Taiz governorate, due to torrential rains. Despite this, hundreds of travelers are forced to remain stuck on the edges of the city. Valleys with fog reaching Wadi Maaden in Tur Al-Baha District.

Houthi terrorism and their disregard for human suffering

The terrorist practices of the Houthi militia confirm its complete disregard for the human suffering in Taiz, as it rejects all calls and initiatives to end the unjust siege, and turns Taiz into a large prison that suffers from difficult conditions due to its dense population. The Houthi militia exploits the issue of human suffering in Taiz as a political card for negotiation and extortion, and seeks to use it in political bargaining, completely ignoring human and moral values.

The role of the international community and the United Nations

It is important for the international community to fulfill its legal, humanitarian and moral responsibilities in the face of this unjust siege. They must move quickly to end the human suffering in Taiz and work to reopen the main roads and secure safe transportation for the population.

The role of the United Nations

The United Nations must do its best to work to end the siege in Taiz and protect human rights. It must coordinate with UN and American envoys to put pressure on the Houthi militia and prosecute those responsible for these heinous crimes and bring them to justice in international courts.

The terrorist Houthi militia is responsible for the catastrophic human suffering in Taiz, and they must bear responsibility for their crimes before international justice. The international community and the United Nations should move quickly to end the unjust siege and work to restore hope and stability to the stricken population of Taiz.

common questions

How can the international community contribute to ending the siege in Taiz?

The international community can contribute to ending the siege in Taiz by increasing pressure on the Houthi militia and imposing international sanctions on it. It can also provide humanitarian aid to the affected population and support diplomatic efforts to reach a peaceful solution.

Is there a political solution to the Taiz crisis?

Yes, a political solution to the Taiz crisis must be reached through comprehensive negotiations involving all concerned parties. A legitimate government representing all Yemeni components must be formed and work to restore security and stability in the province.

What are the repercussions of the humanitarian blockade on the population?

The humanitarian repercussions of the siege in Taiz exacerbate suffering, poverty, and lack of basic services. The population faces difficulties in obtaining food, medicine, clean water, and adequate health care, and deaths and diseases spread among the population are increasing.

Is there international cooperation to end the siege in Taiz?

Yes, there are ongoing international efforts to end the siege in Taiz. These efforts include organizing international conferences and meetings

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