Do you use these lights at night? I notice! Saudi Arabia imposes a terrifying financial penalty for every violator. read more


In the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, a new financial penalty has been approved by the General Traffic Department related to not using night lights while driving, and also in cases of bad weather, this penalty comes as part of a set of new penalties implemented by the Traffic Department, in which techniques Automatic monitoring of violations. Fines range between 1,000 and 2,000 riyals. These measures aim to enhance the safety of passengers and citizens on the roadside, especially children.

The importance of using night lights

Night lights are an important part of the traffic safety system in Saudi Arabia. Here are some of the main benefits of using night lights:

Increase clear vision

Night lights help improve the driver’s clear vision while driving at night, helping him to see potential obstacles and hazards on the road. Clear vision reduces traffic accidents and enhances the safety of everyone on the roads.

Traffic lights and direction

Night lights act as signals to direct and warn other vehicles on the road, giving clear signals to other drivers about the direction and intentions of the vehicle, thus contributing to avoiding accidents and collisions.

See the car to others

By using the night lights, other drivers can clearly see your car at night and in fog or heavy rain, allowing them to assess the appropriate speed and distance to avoid potential collisions.

Safety of passengers and citizens

The use of night lights enhances the safety of the occupant and other citizens on the roadside, helps keep drivers and pedestrians in a safe place and reduces the risk of accidents.

New updates in the Saudi Traffic Department

To facilitate traffic procedures, the Saudi Traffic Department has launched a service for booking car inspection appointments through the “Absher” application. This application allows users to book car inspection appointments and perform various procedures easily and conveniently. Drivers can renew their licenses, know traffic violations, and insurance validity through This application.

You can use the application by following these steps:

  • Log in to the app.
  • Choose the appointments section.
  • Find the traffic service for which you would like to book an appointment.
  • Follow the steps related to booking and choose the appropriate date and city.
  • Review the details you entered and hit Confirm.

How to check traffic violations

You can check the traffic violations related to your vehicle easily through the Absher platform provided by the Saudi Traffic Authority, follow these steps:

Log in to your account on the Absher platform.

  • Select the “My Services” section.
  • Click on Inquiries.
  • Select Traffic Management from the list.
  • Select “Inquiry about Violations”.
  • Enter vehicle details and make an inquiry.

Shows traffic violations data associated with the vehicle, including dates, locations and fines imposed.

Proper use of night lights is key

In conclusion, all drivers must adhere to the proper use of night lights while driving in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Use the necessary lights to ensure your personal safety and the safety of others on the roads. Remember that adhering to traffic laws contributes to creating a safe environment for everyone.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Does night lights include light rainy days?

Yes, night lights should be used while driving on light rainy days as well. Night lights help improve visibility and make your vehicle visible to others.

Is the use of the night lights monitored by automated monitoring devices?

Yes, the Traffic Department uses automated monitoring devices to check the use of night lights. Fines are applied to violators based on the monitoring images.

Are there fines for parking in unauthorized positions during the night?

Yes, parking in unauthorized positions during the night is a traffic violation, and fines are imposed for it. Drivers must respect traffic laws and follow traffic lights correctly.

Should night lights be used while driving in tunnels?

Yes, night lights must be used while driving in tunnels. Night lights help improve visibility and make your vehicle visible to other drivers in tunnels.

Should night lights be used on well-lit roads?

Although night lights are not necessary on well-lit roads, they can help enhance visibility and visual visibility. In some situations, such as in heavy rain or heavy fog, it is best to keep them on to improve safety.

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