Saudi Arabia deals a fatal blow to this country by deporting its current children and preventing all its members from entering the Kingdom for this reason?!


As part of its efforts to enhance job opportunities and develop the Saudi economy, the Saudi Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development has issued a decision to localize professions in the Kingdom for the year 2023. This decision aims to regulate the labor market and achieve a balance between citizens and expatriates by defining the professions that are allowed for foreigners and setting the conditions for localization.

1. Objectives of Saudization of professions in the Kingdom

The Saudi Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development aims, through the Saudization of professions, to achieve several goals, including:

  • Providing equal job opportunities for Saudi citizens.
  • Improving the level of economic sustainability and development in the Kingdom.
  • Developing the skills of Saudi workers and enabling them to participate effectively in the labor market.
  • Adjusting the labor market and achieving a balance between supply and demand for jobs.
  • Enhancing confidence in national cadres and increasing their contribution to economic development.

2. Professions permitted for foreigners in 2023

A number of professions have been identified that will be open to foreigners in the Kingdom in 2023, and among these professions:

  • Interpreter.
  • Responsible for labor and workers affairs.
  • Complaints and Communications Specialist.
  • Director of Human Resources.
  • Hotel receptionist.
  • Responsible for managing personnel and affairs.
  • cashier.
  • security guard.
  • time writer.
  • transcriber.
  • Responsible for clothing stores.
  • Secretary in the medical field.
  • sales manager.
  • pharmacy profession.
  • Account manager or writer.
  • Purchases Representative.
  • Public Accountant.
  • Executive Secretary.
  • salesman profession.
  • Warehouse supervisor and guard.
  • engineer driver.

These professions have been identified in accordance with the decision issued by the Saudi Ministry of Human Resources with the aim of enabling foreigners to work in specific fields that meet the needs of the local market.

3. Settlement conditions for citizens

For Saudi citizens wishing to work in endemic professions, the Saudi government has set several conditions that must be met to register in the list of Saudi resettlement professions, and among these conditions:

  • The age of the applicants must be between 18 and 40 years.
  • Submit all required data such as name, national identity number and phone number.
  • Registration is accepted for both sexes.
  • Not working in the public sector.

These conditions aim to encourage and enable Saudi nationals to obtain job opportunities in endemic professions and to enhance their participation in the labor market.

4. Saudization of occupations and economic development

The Saudi Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development works to promote Saudization of professions as part of the Kingdom’s economic development plan. The Ministry began applying a 35% Saudization rate in consulting work on April 6, 2023 in the first stage, and the Saudization rate for professions will be raised to 40% on March 24, 2024 in the second stage. These decisions will include all establishments without exception and aim to increase the employment of Saudi citizens and strengthen the local economy.


Localization of professions in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia aims to enhance job opportunities for Saudi citizens and develop the local economy. The list of occupations permitted to foreigners has been determined in 2023, and conditions have been set for Emiratisation that contribute to enabling citizens to obtain job opportunities in these professions. The Saudi government is working to promote the Saudization of professions and implement them at an increasing rate in various sectors to achieve economic development and improve the economic situation of the Kingdom.

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