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This report aims to reveal more details about the localization of professions in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, where the Ministry of Human Resources announced the localization of a new group of professions.

This decision will be implemented in stages, and aims to pursue citizens working in these professions, settle a number of new professions, and prevent expatriates from working in them. We will shed light on the various details and stages of this decision and its impact on workers and employers in the Kingdom.

Project management localization stage

In the first phase, the localization of project management will be implemented by 35%. This decision will apply to establishments in which 3 or more workers work in the field of project management. In order for the establishment to be able to implement Saudization, it must guarantee the minimum wage for workers in these professions in an amount of not less than 6,000 riyals.

Procurement localization stage

In the second stage, the localization of purchases will be implemented by 50%. This stage will include establishments that employ 3 or more workers in the field of procurement. Careers included in this decision will include Purchasing Manager, Purchasing Representative, Contracts Manager, Brand Procurement Specialist, and Bidding Specialist.

Sales localization stage

Sales professions have been localized by 15% for establishments that employ 5 workers or more in the field of sales. Occupations at this stage would include Sales Director, Inside Sales Manager, Customer Services, Patent Specialist, Marketing Sales Expert, Printer and Copier Salesman, Computer Sales Representative, Sales Representative, Retail Sales Manager, Wholesale Manager, Merchandising Specialist, and Sales Specialist.

Localization of female professions

In addition, the professions of project management, purchases and sales have been localized, and women’s professions have also been localized in areas such as decoration and sewing. This localization will be implemented in several stages to ensure the achievement of the required objectives.


This step comes within the framework of the Saudi government’s efforts to promote Emiratisation and empower citizens working in the labor market. This step will contribute to increasing job opportunities for citizens and enhancing the country’s economic sustainability.

Saudi Arabia is one of the countries that attaches great importance to the localization of economic activities in the Kingdom, with the aim of strengthening the local economy and providing job opportunities for Saudi citizens. In this context, the Ministry of Transport and Logistics Services and the Public Transport Authority announced the localization of 14 activities in outlets providing services for freight activities and freight brokers.

Logistics and shipping services are among the vital sectors in the Saudi economy, as they contribute to facilitating the movement of trade and commercial exchange within the Kingdom and with other countries. In order to strengthen and develop this sector, the Saudi government is working to localize activities related to this field and provide job opportunities for Saudi citizens.

Localization goals

Localization in outlets providing services for shipping activities and freight brokers aims to achieve several important goals, including:

  1. Providing job opportunities for Saudi nationals in the shipping and logistics brokerage sector.
  2. Improving the level of services provided in this sector and increasing its efficiency.
  3. Enhancing cooperation between the public sector and the private sector in the field of freight and logistic brokerage.
  4. Promote sustainability and economic development in the Kingdom.

Localization in outlets providing services for shipping activities

Localization efforts in this sector include identifying several activities to be localized in outlets providing services for freight activities and freight brokers. These activities include:

1. Localization of women’s beading and sewing

Women’s beading and sewing are localized in all outlets that provide these services. The Ministry requires the presence of at least one Saudi female worker in the technical professions related to these activities. It is also required that 10 female workers or more in technical professions work in these outlets.

2. Freight localization and freight brokers

Freight forwarding activities and freight brokers are localized in cooperation with the Ministry of Transport and Logistics and the Public Transport Authority. This includes the localization of administrative and technical jobs in this sector and ensuring the availability of job opportunities for Saudi nationals.

Localization of postal activities and parcel transportation

Within the framework of localization, it was announced that the implementation of the second phase of the localization of postal activities and parcel transportation would begin. This stage includes the localization of sales, advertising and introduction of medical devices and supplies by 80%, and the localization of engineering and technical professions for medical devices by 50%. These efforts come in cooperation with the Ministry of Health and include all facilities operating in the country in the field of medical devices and supplies.

Achieving sustainability and economic development

Localization efforts in the Kingdom are part of the overall strategy to achieve sustainability and economic development. Through the localization of various activities, the ability of the local economy to develop and provide job opportunities for Saudi citizens is enhanced. This step is part of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 to achieve sustainable development and diversify the economy.


The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s approach towards localizing various activities in various sectors reflects its commitment to achieving sustainability and economic development. By localizing women’s decoration, sewing, shipping activities and freight brokers, as well as postal activities and parcel transportation, the Kingdom is working to provide job opportunities for Saudi citizens and enhance the capacity of the local economy. These efforts reflect the Kingdom’s commitment to the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 and the achievement of sustainable development.

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