Visitors to the Prophet’s Mosque live wonderful moments under the rain showers


Visitors to the Prophet’s Mosque, where the moments of faith laden with the breezes of spirituality during the month of Ramadan are among the unique moments that Muslims in the Islamic world await.

In this holy month, the interaction of Muslims with their worship and charitable works increases, and they seek to get closer to God and draw closer to Him through supplication and worship.

Moments experienced by visitors to the Prophet’s Mosque under the rain showers

In one of these special moments, the palms of the worshipers and visitors in the mosque rose to pray under the showers of rain, and the rain wet the heads of the visitors as they enjoyed the atmosphere that Medina witnessed, today, Thursday.

The moments of faith that the worshipers and visitors experience in the Holy Mosque during the month of Ramadan, as they raise their palms in supplication under the showers of rain, are among the special moments loaded with spirituality.

The palms of the worshipers and visitors rose in the midst of the atmosphere of Medina under the auspices of God Almighty, and the rain wet their heads while they were enjoying that special atmosphere.

The Agency of the Prophet’s Mosque, represented by the Security, Safety and Emergency Response Agency, is intensifying its efforts to ensure the safety of visitors and worshipers during the rains. The agency has cleaned the Holy Sanctuary, its roof, yards and facilities, and prepared it to receive visitors and worshipers.

As part of its plan to confront the rains, umbrellas were opened and carpets were removed from the open sites, and the number of workers was intensified and equipment was provided to contribute to the drying process.

These efforts come within the framework of the emergency plan developed by the Agency for the Affairs of the Prophet’s Mosque in order to preserve the safety of visitors and worshipers, and to provide a safe and reassuring atmosphere for performing worship in the Noble Sanctuary.

These efforts reflect the keenness of the Holy Mosque Agency to provide all services and overcome obstacles in front of visitors and worshipers, so that they can perform their worship easily and in a comfortable and safe atmosphere.

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