The Saudi Ministry of Education.. Suspension of classes in attendance tomorrow in many regions due to bad weather conditions


The Saudi Ministry of Education issues an urgent decision to suspend studies in several regions in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia tomorrow, Thursday, and to transfer them to distance education through the Madrasati platform.

This step comes due to the expectation of heavy rains and thunderstorms in these areas, in light of preserving the safety of male and female students, teachers and school workers.

The Saudi Ministry of Education defines study suspension areas

  • Namas
  • Sarat Obeida
  • bright men
  • Bisha
  • Dhahran South
  • Bisha University
  • Mahayel Asir

Saudi meteorological warnings

The National Center of Meteorology issued a warning a while ago for parts of the Qassim region, expecting – God willing – thunderstorms accompanied by heavy rains and strong winds. The meteorologists indicated that the effects associated with heavy rains include activity in surface winds, hail, torrential rains, and lack of visibility.

The Saudi Ministry of Education explains distance education

In order to ensure the continuity of education and maintain the safety of all, the decision was taken to convert education in these schools to distance education through the Madrasati platform. It is a digital educational platform that facilitates access to educational materials, lessons, preparations, and homework in an easy and safe manner.

The most important instructions followed during the occurrence of floods:

  1. In the event of floods, matters require caution and following some important guidelines and instructions that protect lives and property, among these instructions:
  2. Not moving within the water currents, even if they seem shallow to you, in order to avoid drowning and maintain a healthy state.
  3. Choose places free of currents if you have to move in the water, in order to avoid drifting with the current and avoid accidents.
  4. Do not drive the car in places with currents under any circumstances, even if your car is a four-wheel drive, in order to avoid drifting with the current and not controlling the car.
  5. If your car is caught in water, leave it and move away from the water, and do not attempt to rescue the car, as the outcome can be dangerous.
  6. Do not touch anything related to electricity, such as lighting poles, if you are wet with water, in order to avoid exposure to electric shock.
  7. Try to clean and sterilize anything that has been wet before using it, as water can carry some germs and microbes that can cause diseases.

Login link on the Madrasati platform

The Saudi Ministry of Education confirms that the Madrasati platform is one of the leading electronic educational platforms in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The platform offers many educational services to male and female students, teachers and parents via the Internet. This platform helps students and teachers to facilitate the learning process and save time and effort.

How to log in on the Madrasati platform

Login to the Madrasati platform requires following a number of easy and simple steps, which can be summarized as follows:

  1. Enter the official website of the platform from here, through your browser.
  2. When you reach the login page, you will be asked to choose to sign in with a Microsoft account for students. You must choose this option in order to be able to enter the Madrasati platform.
  3. After choosing the option to sign in with a Microsoft account for students, you must enter your email address associated with your account on the Madrasati platform.
  4. After entering the email, you have to press the Next button to go to the next step.
  5. After clicking on the “Next” button, you must enter the password used for the Microsoft Student account.
  6. After entering the password, you must click on the “Login” button.

How to solve homework on the Madrasati platform

In light of the difficult circumstances that the world is going through due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the Madrasati platform is considered one of the most important tools that help students continue their education from home, as the platform provides students at all educational levels to solve assignments through the platform, and it can be easily accessed through this Simple steps:

  • The student must have an account on the platform. In the absence of an account, the student can easily create a new account, after that, the student can log into the platform using the username and password.
  • After logging in, the student must search for the homework list. This list is available on the homepage of the platform, and is easily accessible.
  • Once in the homework list, the student can choose the homework they want to do, which includes selecting the subject, grade, school name, and class name.
  • After selecting an assignment, the student must answer questions related to the assignment. The student can view the questions and answer them easily.
  • After registering the solution, you must go to the results list to see the result of the assignment and see what score you got.
  • The assignment is automatically graded after completing the solution recording, and the result appears immediately.
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