The date of opening Saudi Airlines flights to and from Khartoum


The date for Saudi Airlines opening flights to and from the state of Khartoum, the attack launched by the Sudanese Rapid Support Forces on Khartoum International Airport, which included assaulting passengers and damaging some aircraft, caused an almost complete halt to air traffic at the largest airport in Sudan.

This situation has caused thousands of Sudanese to be stuck at the airport, and Saudi and other Arab airlines have suspended their flights to Khartoum, which causes great economic losses for the Sudanese aviation sector.

The date of opening Saudi Airlines and the repercussions of suspending flights to and from Khartoum

Although the situation in Khartoum has improved somewhat over recent weeks, the suspension of flights continues to affect several aspects.

Sudanese companies had to suspend their flights to several destinations due to the lack of passengers, and air freight of goods was also subjected to significant delays.

Because of this situation, political tension may cause the Sudanese economy to deteriorate.

How will airlines be affected by suspending flights to Khartoum?

Khartoum is one of the most important cities for international aviation in Africa, as its airport occupies a vital location in the network of air routes.

Therefore, suspending flights to Khartoum will greatly affect both international and local companies, as companies will incur huge losses due to the reduction in air traffic.

Air traffic in Sudan is linked to two main airspaces, the first is related to Egyptian airspace, and the second is related to Saudi airspace. The first is travel and employment trips due to the presence of a large Sudanese community in Egypt, as well as travel for treatment and education.

As for the second, about 4 private airlines operate on it, in addition to the Saudi national carrier. Most of the movement in this field is to transport Sudanese workers to and from the Kingdom, as well as for Hajj and Umrah trips.

The date for Saudi Airlines opening flights to and from the state of Khartoum

From here, the date for opening Saudi Airlines No decision has been issued regarding the date for opening Saudi Airlines for flights destined for the state of Khartoum, and the flights are still suspended until further notice.

Where Egypt represents the first destination for the Sudanese air traffic, as there is a large community of Sudanese in Egypt, in addition to the fact that many Sudanese travel to Egypt for treatment and education.

In addition, more than 7 national and private airlines operate in both directions, with a total of more than 90 weekly flights at normal operating times, reaching 100 flights per week, with an average of 4 thousand annual flights. Trip destinations vary between Khartoum and a number of Egyptian cities such as Cairo, Alexandria, Port Said and Mansoura.

The Saudi national carrier is considered one of the most important and largest transport companies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and it is mainly used to transport Sudanese workers to and from the Kingdom, in addition to its use in Hajj and Umrah trips.

Recently, the recent attacks prevented more than 10,000 Sudanese pilgrims who were on their way to the Hijaz lands to spend the last ten days of Ramadan in the Sacred House of God, and many Sudanese pilgrims were unable to return to their country and are still stuck in Saudi airports.

Suspension of flights to and from Khartoum in many countries

Badr Air comes in first place as the second largest operator of flights between Sudan and Saudi Arabia, a private Sudanese company established in Sudan in 2004, and owns a number of aircraft of different models.

The Sudan Cairo line is the most important and most operational for this company, as it operates 11 flights per week to Cairo Airport, with a daily flight from Khartoum Airport that increases to two flights on Saturdays, Mondays and Thursdays.

The company also operates one flight from Port Sudan Airport, departing on “Wednesday” every week, with a total of 24 weekly flights in both directions, and the fullness rate on these flights ranges from 65 to 75%.

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