Watch the Shabab Al-Ahly and Ajman match broadcast live today, Shabab Al-Ahly against Ajman in the UAE League


Watch the Shabab Al-Ahly and Ajman match, broadcast live today, Shabab Al-Ahly against Ajman, where Rashid Stadium will host this evening, the Shabab Al-Ahly and Ajman match in the 26th round of the ADNOC Professional League.

Watch the Al-Ahly youth match and Ajman live broadcast

This confrontation will witness the celebration of the “Dubai Knights” crowning the league title for the eighth time in its history. Shabab Al-Ahly seeks to win this match, to end its career in the league in a distinguished way, and the team has not lost any match for 139 days, which is the period that dates back to its loss against Bani Yas in the 12th round of the league. The players are looking forward to achieving victory in this confrontation in front of the crowd present.

Watch the Al-Ahly youth match against Ajman, broadcast live

Watching the Shabab Al-Ahly match against Ajman live broadcast On the other hand, it seems that the Al-Ahly youth team Dubai has won the ADNOC Professional League title in the last round, which means that the next match against Ajman will be for the team without great pressure, while the Ajman team seeks to reach the golden square .

It also seems that the two teams are facing some absences in their ranks, as the Ajman team is absent from the heart of its defense, Abdullah Saleh, due to suspension, while Miral returns to the ranks of his team after canceling the red card that he received.

Finally, the Al-Ahly youth coach expressed his hope for a result that would please the fans in the next match, and praised his players for their efforts during the season, stressing the importance of trust between the players and the coach in achieving success.

Shabab Al-Ahly winning the league title is a great achievement for the team and reflects the high confidence that the players and management have in their abilities. Congratulations to the club’s junior teams for their achievements, and we are certain that these distinguished players will contribute greatly to the future achievements of the first team.

Greetings to the coach of the Ajman team for congratulating the youth of Al-Ahly, and praising their outstanding performance in the competition. We wish the Ajman team better luck in the future, and we look forward to more exciting matches and honest competition between sports teams.

Of course, the team’s victory depends greatly on the players, and we wish them success in the upcoming matches, and we hope that they will continue to enhance the status of Emirati football at the international level.

Many thanks to Shabab Al-Ahly player, Abdullah, for his wonderful words after they won the league title, which is a great and amazing achievement. Everyone deserves thanks, fellow players and the technical and administrative staff, because teamwork and joint effort are what led to this great achievement.

I feel very proud because this is my first league championship with the club. It was a difficult journey, but in the end, the wish came true, and we managed to win the title. It was very important to win this championship, especially for a team like Shabab Al-Ahly, which includes many stars and great talents.

Finally, I hope that this victory will be the beginning of more achievements and championships in the future, and that the team will continue to achieve amazing successes and victories.

The goals of the Shabab Al-Ahly and Ajman match, a summary of the result of the meeting

The previous Shabab Al-Ahly and Ajman match ended with Shabab Al-Ahly winning 2-0, as player Omar Abdul Rahman managed to score the first goal in the 33rd minute of the first half, and player Youssef Jabr added a second goal for Al-Ahly in the 82nd minute of the second half.

With this victory, Shabab Al-Ahly was able to achieve its third title in the UAE Football League Championship, which is a great achievement for the team that performed distinguishedly throughout the season, and all players and the technical and administrative staff showed dedication and diligence in order to achieve this important goal.

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