A British newspaper reveals the affiliation of British politicians to the Premier League teams


The Evening Standard revealed in a report on Monday the sporting affiliations of several British politicians.

The newspaper started with British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, who said he was a Southampton fan, noting that he was born in Southampton and has always supported this team.

Sunak said the season ticket his father gave him when he was 18 years old is “one of his most prized possessions”. Southampton and if i were to manage southampton [ أود أن أفعل ذلك]. ”

She indicated that former British Prime Minister David Cameron supports Aston Villa and then West Ham.

The former prime minister made some gaffes and once said he was an Aston Villa fan but in 2015, while giving a speech about his plan to increase opportunities for Britain’s ethnic minority, he said Great Britain was a place where you could support Manchester United, the West Indies cricket team and the West Indies cricket team. in the West Indies. Meanwhile, JB said before joking: “Of course, I’d prefer you to support West Ham.”

As for the former British Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, he is a supporter of the Scottish “Raith Rovers” team, as the former prime minister was born in Scotland and raised in the town of Kirkcaldy, and the local team in this city is the Raith Rovers, to which the man has been loyal since the age of seven, and he is known to be a supporter passionate, and in 2005, he secured the club’s future by becoming a part-budget shareholder.

The paper said Labor leader Keir Starmer is an Arsenal fan for the opposition Labor Party. All his life Starmer has been an Arsenal fan and has a season ticket at the club.

The Labor leader even took advantage of the 2021 Labor Party conference to watch his match with north London rivals Tottenham Hotspur.

He said about this match that preceded the meeting: “This conference was not always easy, on Sunday it was particularly nerve-wracking, but then the results began to appear: Arsenal 3, Tottenham 1.”

As for Chancellor of the Exchequer Jeremy Hunt, he is a Chelsea fan. The minister revealed to the Evening Standard in 2011 how he linked up with the club, who had just had a dismal season this year. Hunt revealed that he is a fan of Chelsea.

For MP Matt Hancock, he’s a Newcastle United fan. The MP was born in Chester, but his loyalty extends beyond his hometown. He is a die-hard Newcastle United fan and will certainly be pleased with what the team has achieved this season. Hancock attributes his love for the team to his uncle Dave, who took him to games from a young age.

Hancock previously said: “It goes back to the days of Kevin Keegan and Alan Shearer, the good days when we almost made it to the top of the table. The ups and downs of being a Newcastle fan but it all comes down to Uncle Dave. ”

As for former Prime Minister Liz Truss, she is a Norwich City fan. The former prime minister is a fan of her local club and has in the past sent tweets expressing her love for the team.

In 2019, ahead of their return to the top flight, Truss wrote: “Ignore the noise. be brave. Exciting times.”

As for the Liberal Democrats, its chairman, Ed Davey, is a big fan of the Liverpool team that Egyptian star Mohamed Salah plays for.

And he must now tweet more in the coming weeks, as Liverpool battle for fourth place with just two weeks left in the season, in order to compete in the European Championships.

After all, former British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is a fan of “all London clubs,” with the former prime minister vowing he “loves” the beautiful game but never committed to any one club.

When he was mayor of London in 2015, Johnson was asked about his loyalty to football but gave a non-committal answer, as he did not want to upset fans of any of the many clubs in the capital.

He told reporters that he supports “all London teams”, declining to name one.

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