With the participation of Mustafa Mohamed.. Montpellier defeated Nantes in the French League – Al-Nasr newspaper


Montpellier won 3-0 against Nantes in the match that took place today, Saturday, in the thirty-sixth round of the French Football League.

Jordan Ferry, Arnaud Noureddine and Fiallo Sacco scored Montpellier’s goals in the 38th, 47th and 87th minutes, respectively.

With this victory, Montpellier’s balance rose to 47 points in twelfth place, while Nantes’ balance stopped at 33 points in seventeenth place.

On the other hand, the Montpellier team shone in the match and dominated the game from its inception. They took advantage of their chances and scored three fantastic goals.

Jordan Ferry scored a great goal in the 38th minute with a powerful shot from inside the penalty area. The pressure continued from Montpellier, as Arnaud Noureddine scored the second goal in the 47th minute, after a precise pass from his colleague.

Montpellier was not satisfied with this limit, but they continued to chase and added the third goal in the 87th minute, signed by Fiallo Sacco, with a wonderful shot from outside the penalty area.

With this great victory, the Montpellier team increased its tally to 47 points and advanced in the standings table to occupy the twelfth place. As for Nantes, its score stopped at 33 points, and it finds itself in the seventeenth place.

Confirming their strength and skill on the field, Montpellier will hope to continue achieving positive results in the upcoming matches and improve their ranking in Ligue 1.

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