The goals of the Al-Ahly and Pyramids match 2-1 Summary of the Egyptian Cup final result


The eyes of Egyptian football fans are directed towards the floor of the Cairo International Stadium for the goals of the Al-Ahly and Pyramids match, as Al-Ahly won the Egypt Football Cup in the 2021/2022 season, after achieving an exciting victory over Pyramids with two goals to one in the final match that was held at Cairo Stadium on Monday evening. The international referee, Amin Omar, managed the match, and this victory is considered a great achievement for Al-Ahly, which he owes to Rae’a Hamdi Fathy, who scored the winning goal with his head in the fatal time, so that Al-Ahmar clinched the title in his favor.

Exciting match and decisive goals

The match started enthusiastically by both teams, as the desire to win the championship was evident on the field. In the 72nd minute, Walid Al-Karti advanced to the Pyramids team, after taking advantage of a mistake in the Al-Ahly defense. However, Al-Ahly did not give up and managed, in just two minutes, to adjust the score through Kahraba, who scored the important equalizer.

Despite the equal score, the two teams were unable to settle the match in the regular time, so the match went to two extra halves. In the last minute of the first extra half, Hamdi Fathy was able to score the decisive winning goal for Al-Ahly after a powerful shot with his head hit the Pyramids net, amidst the overwhelming joy of Al-Ahly fans and players.

Moments of brilliance and minor injuries

The match witnessed moments of brilliance from the players of the two teams, as he excelled very hotly in executing attacks and creating opportunities to score. Al-Ahly player Hamdi Fathi was the star of the match by scoring the two winning goals, as he showed his technical skills and physical strength in defense and attack.

The goals of the Al-Ahly and Pyramids match

In the 72nd minute, Pyramids player Walid Al-Karti managed to open the scoring for his team with a powerful shot that hit the net, but Al-Ahly did not delay the tie. In the next two minutes, Kahraba took advantage of a mistake in the opponent’s defense and hit a powerful ball into the net, so that Al-Ahly quickly rose in the score and showed its technical superiority.

While the match was heading to extension, Hamdi Fathy scored the qualifying goal for Al-Ahly in the last minute of the first extra half, when he received a precise pass from his colleague and headed the ball into the net, so Al-Ahly turned the tables on Pyramids and decided to win in his favor.

The result of the Al-Ahly and Pyramids match

The match was enthusiastic and exciting throughout, as the two teams exchanged attacks and many of their players excelled. The minor injuries suffered by some Al-Ahly players were not an obstacle to their brilliance and their ability to continue playing and influence the outcome.

With this victory, Al-Ahly crowned the Egyptian Cup championship for the 2021/2022 season, and once again proved its superiority and dominance in the Egyptian football arena. This title is a strong addition to Al-Ahly’s distinguished career, and a reinforcement of its position as one of the oldest and most prestigious clubs in the world

In the second half, the Al-Ahly team made an emergency substitution when Islam Issa entered instead of Abdullah Al-Saeed, who was injured at the end of the first half. Hussein Al-Shahat received a yellow card because of his roughness against Muhammad Al-Shaibi.

Summary of the Al-Ahly and Pyramids match

Mohamed Magdy Afsha entered instead of Amr Al-Suleya, who complained of an injury, and the performance continued in the middle of the field. Pyramids defender Osama Jalal was also injured and left the field in the 65th minute, and Karim Hafez entered instead.

Walid Al-Karti scored Pyramids’ first goal from a header in the 72nd minute, after which Al-Ahly began pressing to score the equalizer. Ahmed Sami and Mohamed Abdel Moneim received yellow cards.

In the 74th minute, Mahmoud Kahraba scored the equalizing goal for Al-Ahly, after confirming it using the mouse technique. The match caught fire and Pyramids almost scored a second goal, but Al-Ahly defense responded to the attacks.

Hamdi Fathy also received a yellow card, and Pyramids increased the pressure in the last minutes, and the match ended in a draw with one goal for each team, which led to resorting to an extension.

The second extra half began with changes in the Al-Ahly squad, as Percy Tao and Kahraba came out, and Mohamed Sharif and Diang participated in their place. Fakhruddin Bin Youssef also participated in the place of Muhammad Al-Shaibi, and the red team played offensively and enthusiastically, looking for the equalizer.

And in the 110th minute, Hussein Al-Shahat saved a goal from Pyramids, after he pulled the ball out before it entered Al-Ahly’s net, after the ball was “taken away” by Muhammad Al-Shennawi.

The last minutes witnessed clear control from Pyramids, and Mohamed Abdel Moneim was expelled due to the attack on Fakhr El-Din Ben Youssef. Then Hussein Al-Shahat came out and Khaled Abdel-Fattah participated in his place. After that, the match ended with Al-Ahly winning, with two goals to one.

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